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Advantages to Geothermal heating & cooling

Geothermal heating and cooling have long been approved and encouraged by the EPA as a fantastic source of sustainable renewable energy. With geothermal heating and cooling systems being 6X more efficient than traditional electrical heating options using less electricity than any one of these conventional options, there are many blatantly obvious advantages that can be seen simply at face value when switching over to a renewable energy source. geothermal heating and cooling are more conventional or traditional like natural gas stoves to heat your home and your water. First, the earth is always going to be producing free heat, it’s never going to stop providing radiant energy in the form of heat, at least not in our lifetime. It’s sitting there, right under our feet every single day as we go about our daily lives. So, why not use a simple geothermal heat pump to tap into this amazing, continuous, renewable source of free heat for your home. Why would you not take advantage of every little bit of free energy in the form of heat that you are able to efficiently harness from the ground? 

Leading companies in the geothermal industry have been developing ever-smaller residential geothermal systems that are very user-friendly, super easy to adjust and accessible to anyone that is motivated to switch over to a green, sustainable heat source. You can purchase a geothermal heating & cooling system today and with the heat generated from a geothermal heat pump system placed in the basement of your home, heat your entire barndominium, shop house, or garage comfortably. This is constant radiant heat provided by the geothermal activity of the earth’s crust. There are some amazing scientific explanations and videos online to explore if the science aspect of geothermal heating & cooling is of any specific interest to you. I would urge anyone interested in more, to investigate the diagrams and science behind the systems and how they operate on a technical level. These are slow-paced closed-loop geothermal systems that run at an exceptionally low speed. This is due to a few particularly important aspects; the low speed allows for the temperature to be adjusted easily, and at a more gradual pace, but it also heats in a unique way where radiant heat is always rising from the ground at a slow methodical rate, allowing for it to be efficiently harnessed, and the temperature adjusted. All these technical aspects ultimately provide a more comfortable and less fluctuating ambient temperature in the room making for a more pleasant heat in the entire home. 

Most homeowners who switch to geothermal heating report that they rarely must adjust the temperature and when they do, the radiant heat is very gradual and continuously heats the rooms uniformly throughout the entire structure unlike with their old traditional heating system.


Green energy is the number one advantage to using geothermal heating and cooling for your home. 

Everyone likes to save money and what better way to save money than tapping into a green sustainable energy source sitting right under your feet at this very moment just waiting to be harnessed and used in your new barndominium build. I find the entire concept and practice of integrating renewable energy sources into our everyday life super fascinating. It’s an innovative idea that many European nations have decided to run with since its inception. They are taking green energy in Europe very seriously by providing their residents with wild incentives to install all types of green renewable sources of energy and to power their homes. Geothermal heating can also be used to heat driveways in the wintertime to thaw out ice and snow, this could be a gamechanger for a family that lives in an area with a relatively heavy degree of snowfall annually.

Geothermal heating and cooling systems get a lot of impressive praises from critics and advocates alike, on the system’s uncanny ability to heat entire barndominiums continuously and comfortably with ease but you rarely hear about the systems other amazing abilities. The ability to cool your home continuously and efficiently at an equally impressive rate as the heat, all while still using the geothermal properties of the earth to achieve this cooling effect. The bottom line is that if you can use a geothermal heating & cooling system in conjunction with other systems such as a large solar panel system, this will save double the energy and even store energy in a power bank for later use. By integrating these systems together, you can save even more money with renewable energy. Geothermal systems can save you up to 70% on your heating, cooling, and hot water costs if integrated correctly.

 A 70% savings on your heating, cooling, and hot water is a complete game changer allowing for that saved money to be used for more important things. Decisions such as this can affect your long-term budget in a positive and substantial way. Such decisions can literally change the entire direction of your barndominium build. By changing the focus of your build, you are building a life that is more in line with sustainability, and the responsible use of our Earth’s abundant natural resources. Lastly, although the initial startup for a geothermal system can sometimes be costly, I find it important to always treat geothermal heating & cooling systems as a long-term investment opportunity that will undoubtedly save money but more importantly provide a clean, healthy, renewable future for you, your family, and your community. 

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