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Forget Tiny Homes – It’s All About Barndominiums Now

Forget Tiny Homes – It’s All About Barndominiums Now 

For the last several years, people have been obsessed with tiny homes. Tiny homes had dominated the market and people were obsessed because it was refreshing and so different from the norm. However, barndominiums have now overtaken that popularity of tiny homes.

What is a barndominium?

white barndominium house with wraparound porch and 3-car garage

Many people have likely read about barndos or seen pictures while scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram. Their first impression was likely that they are barn houses because they looked similar to barns but are habitable. While they do have a barn style to them, there are fewer similarities than people think.

Barndominiums are all about open spaces and rustic charm. Many people may think this style is more limited to the South but people all across the US are building them. Barndominiums are versatile in appearance, meaning they can be designed in many different ways while still maintaining the core style of barndos.

Open concept floor plans with vaulted ceilings are paramount in barndominium floor plans. While the open spaces are attractive on their own, people also enjoy the modern farmhouse look barndos offer that most traditional homes fail to achieve. Wraparound porches are common with barndominiums, expanding on the living space while adding to the farmhouse aesthetic that many people crave.

Many people think of barndos as metal barns or metal buildings. While the roof and siding are commonly metal, the framing doesn’t have to be. In fact, many people opt to build them as pole barns or stick-built. The metal siding also comes in a variety of colors, so you aren’t limited to only a few options that you may not like.

There are also many barndominium floor plans with shops attached. In fact, many people find that barndominiums and shophouses go hand-in-hand. Getting a barndominium with a shop allows you to have the beautiful exterior and open space while also getting the benefits of a shop.

What is a floor plan and why is it important?



barndominium floor plan details

Floor plans are the layout of a home. They show how the home needs to be set up and built in order to get to the final product. Many sites allow you to look at pictures of floor plans but without all the measurements needed to build the home.

A set of house plans will often include exterior elevation details, the floor plans for each level of the home, framing details, plumbing details, and electrical details. You should always have your contractor look over the plans before building to make sure the plans are accurate. Some of the details on the plan are suggestions and should be confirmed by the appropriate parties.

Without a set of home plans, you won’t be able to build a home. These plans provide a layout of everything that needs to be done in order to get the home to a finished state that matches the the pictures you see online. Whether you’re buying plans that are pre-drawn or getting a custom set, these plans are necessary for builder to follow to create your home.

How do you identify the right floor plan?


There are thousands of floor plans on the market. Each plan has something to offer and people choose their plan based on what they need. It’s important to identify what you’re looking for in a house plan before you begin looking or purchase a set.

Barndominium house plans offer open spaces that you’d find in an open concept plan. They typically include great rooms with vaulted ceilings, lofts overlooking the great room, and dining rooms that flow into the kitchen and living room. The living quarters in barndominiums are generous and provide everyone with space of their own.

If you have a large family, you may need to look at plans that can accommodate everyone. Looking at floor plans that have 3 or more bedrooms would be your best option. While homes with a larger square foot are easy to get multiple bedrooms in, you can also find them in smaller barndominiums.

white shophouse with 2 car garage and gable over the front entryway

Considering the size of barndominium you want to build is vital to the process. If you find you don’t want something large, look at something with smaller square footage. Despite it being smaller in size, you’ll still be able to get a barndo with multiple bedrooms if you need them.

It’s also important to keep in mind that if you don’t find a pre-drawn plan that you like, you can do a custom plan or make modifications to a pre-existing one. Many places will take note of what you’re wanting and what changes you want to make to a plan and can draw you something that you’ll be happy with. Going this route will also mean you’ll be spending more money.

The most important thing to keep in mind as you look for a floor plan is your budget. If you have a set budget you need or want to stay within, you need to do your research on everything that goes into building a home and what the typical cost is for the various services. For example, you’ll need to consider how much a crew will cost, the plumbing, drywall, etc.

White barndominium with 3 car garage, wraparound porch, and mountains in the background

There are no “right” or “wrong” barndominium plans. The perfect plan is going to be what is best for you and what you’ll be happy with. Barndominiums are elegant homes with charm that traditional homes fail to achieve and you’re sure to love one.




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