Improving your barndominiums curb appeal

Have you ever considered how others view your Barndominium from the road? In the industry they call it curb appeal, which is what makes your barndominium pop when viewing it from the road. I will discuss some simple D.I.Y projects or weekend jobs that could improve the mystique and bravado of your house in the neighborhood. More important than impressing your neighbors, improving the curb appeal of your home is about sharing the beauty of simple living with others.

Simple D.I.Y projects with a focus on the front yard can really make a substantial difference on the view of your home from the road. Something as simple as colored shutters that contrast with your siding can really make the front of your barndominium stand out. Choosing unique siding may be something out of the ordinary and unexpected. Colored brick or textured siding make the home stand out and give the front of your barndo some added character.

Flowerbeds and Landscaping go a long way for the look of a newly built barndominium from the road. Don’t be embarrassed to walk out to the road for a vantage point of your own, sometimes that’s what it takes to be able to look at the property from someone else’s perspective. This can be a great idea if for nothing else but to see what will look the best and where to place certain types of greenery. Various times of the year you can get better deals on landscaping materials and supplies. Winter and Fall are not peak season for flowers or landscaping, so prices are typically lower during these times of the year. If you enjoy drawing, this can be greatly beneficial and productive to go out to the front of your home and sketch out on paper your ideas. Think of this like a floor plan for your front yard. 

Flowers, lily ponds, gazebos, gliding swings, or even a full-size fishing pond with a dock and bait house for storage of poles and bait can be sketched out on paper by a landscaper or yourself. Many of these simple structures can be built over the course of a day or two and bring more curb appeal to your space. Window Boxes can be built and installed in a single afternoon and can do wonders as far as bringing attention to your windows. There is also a vast selection of plants that can add to the window boxes year-round for each season.

Flood lights and accent lights can really shine a spotlight on your barndominium build; literally. Increasingly, I’m seeing homes with flood lights in the front yard casting a wondrous glow across the whole front façade. From the road this really draws your attention to the details you might otherwise overlook. Having lights on your home’s exterior at night can be beneficial, it helps to keep strangers from prowling around by giving your neighbors a lighted view of your property. Unlike motion sensor lights, accent lights and flood lights stay on all night long. I suggest adding a new and improved lit mailbox. Lights around your mailbox can make drivers more aware of where your mailbox is located. Your mailbox is the very the first thing that someone sees when they arrive at your home and you want to make a great first impression, so the mailbox essentially becomes an extension of the home, at the end of the driveway. 

Driveway materials can make a massive difference in how your barndominium looks from the road. Something prestigious such as hand laid cobblestone is going to have a more striking visual appeal and make an overall bigger impression than something simpler such as gravel or blacktop. It’s all about what looks best with the colors and style of your specific barndominium. If it’s not going to aid in improving the curb appeal of your home, consider going with something that will.

Paint. Just a little bit of paint can go a long way! Using a combination of unique colors is a way to gain attention for your barndominium in a more subtle way. If you’re using colors not typical on homes in the area it will most likely stand out on account of just looking different. This gives you an enormous freedom to create and use your artistic skills to draw focus to your home from the road. Don’t be afraid to use bright colors and if you’re going with two tones make sure the colors don’t clash. Painting the shutters can be a quick and easy D.I.Y project you could finish in a single day. The finished product could drastically improve the look of your home from the street. Painting your home can be an affordable alternative to siding. A jug of exterior paint costing around $30 a gallon and a few days of intensive painting, could make for a weekend project that could completely change the look of your barndominium overnight.


Cleaning the yard, sidewalks, fence rows, ditches, mailbox, and surrounding areas of any debris that shouldn’t be there can drastically improve the look of your home. I know, this is not something that should be explained but every home or property could do with a bit of a cleaning now and then. A lot of times we get used to the look of our home and don’t notice things that others might see that could be an eye sore. Your main goal should be to create a cleaning schedule that will help you stay on track. Compile a master list of each area of the exterior of your home. Do a quick check once per month to evaluate that area and note anything that you see that needs repair. Go back to your list and notes often to create a plan to keep your exterior at tip top shape. Continue to clean on a weekly basis and it should become a habit.