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Sketch your own barndominium with Buildmax

When it comes to sketching, some people are just more artistically skilled and it comes naturally to them, like riding a bicycle. I wasn’t gifted with much artistic abilities as a child, and honestly, not much has changed in my adult life as far as my abilities go. I never acquired the skill of drawing in all my years of college courses. although I very much appreciate the skills others have honed and developed into grand artistic abilities. I use the amazing artistic pieces others have done as my own motivation to sketch the best that I possibly can.

I’ve seen sketches of house plans on cocktail napkins, loose-leaf paper, college rule, you name it, and I’ve probably seen a rough house plan drawn on it. By far the most popular way to create house plans in today’s technological wonderland is with some form of a C.A.D (computer-aided drafting) program. This is software that allows you to easily draw straight lines and add doors and windows etc. This has become a popular tool with the average joe, as well as pretty much every architect and designer out there. Don’t take this CAD software too lighty, Most if not all of these CAD drafting programs are designed with the architect in mind, so they can get fairly expensive, not to mention the most popular CAD programs being used today are so “tool rich” and extensive that you first need training in order to fully understand the features and functionality of the tools before you can actually dive in and start designing. Everyone nowadays will end up using these computer programs to finalize their floor plans, even if they start out the process with a drawing on a cocktail napkin.  When I talk about coming up with rough sketches,  I’m mainly talking about sketching out home decor ideas, room layouts, floor plan designs, as well as elevations if your skilled enough for that. I like to tell people to sketch the small details that you want to incorporate into your barndominium so you can look back later when making decor decisions.  Another is a Pinterest account, which is the first thing I always recommend getting just for the sheer amount of inspiration you can gain from exploring the custom designs of others. Forums are a great source of inspiration if you need some motivation websites and apps like Reddit and Facebook groups are unparalleled resources for custom barndominium inspiration and ideas.


Putting what’s in your mind down on a sheet of paper is a difficult and sometimes frustrating task but Buildmax is a company that can work with you and enhance your sketches and develop them into tangible usable custom barndominium floor plans made from your own sketch. No matter if you have tremendous artistic skills or not, mapping out a floor plan is easy enough, a child could probably manage it. You’re basically just drawing straight lines. A ruler is a nice tool to keep your lines straight, but you’re just sketching out a rough design right now and it’s not necessary, but it can help. Study the floor plans you’ve found online and learn the position of doors and windows and other essential features you would like included like a loft, fireplace, porches, storage space, bathroom setup start slowly designing your 1st draft house plans. Once you are satisfied with your sketches of the floor plan, you can move forward and do rough sketches of the front and rear elevations. These can be adapted from other plans and tweaked to meet your specific taste or family needs.

After you have your sketches finished, you are ready to submit them to a designer at Buildmax for a standard review and refinement process. The designer will take your sketches during a brief phone conversation where you can better describe what kind of barndominium project you have in mind, this is the perfect opportunity to convey any special custom details and information on your project in order to prevent many back and forth corrections and modifications when the designer has enough information on your project to begin designing your floor plans he will begin because the designers are working on multiple projects at once this may take some time as the skills involved are not easily learned and it also takes a certain type of person to accurately draft floor plans a person with extreme patience & determination, these traits are becoming increasingly more difficult to find in workers leaving architects and drafters in very high demand and with an endless number of projects to work on. 



Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed to share your sketches with others. I can assure you that your rough sketches are no worse than anything that any other normal person with average art skills could create. In 2017 54% of Americans participated in some sort of artistic performance, art project, or local cultural event, so the desire and passion to create art is obviously alive and well all across our great nation. Simply by sharing your sketches on forums and social media you could be unknowingly saving yourself a ton of time later on in the process. Let me explain,  If you share your sketches on social media, maybe a Facebook group or a popular discussion group aimed towards barndominium designs. People generally want to help, and if you make the move to share your ideas, people can be very helpful and will give you some solid pointers and direction in regards to your floor plans. The idea is to sharpen your sketches before you submit them to Buildmax, by taking the extra time on your rough draft and really diving into the details you are providing the designer with a much richer rough draft and much more valuable information to build a set of dream plans from, many of the best ideas and rich designs that you develop early on in this rough draft stage will be evident as you complete your plans and start to see the barndominium take shape. 

I hope this article will encourage you to sketch out some ideas of your own and continue to be proactive in your rough draft sketches. I also hope you will find value in bravely sharing your rough draft drawings online & gaining insight and knowledge from others who have built or designed barndominiums before. Being different than everyone else and adding a little touch of your own personality and spice to your project not only sets you apart, at the core, expression is what creating art is all about. By using the design elements of your barndominium and the recommendations and tips you pick up along the way, you could honestly view your barndominium as one big art piece. At the end of the day art aside, building a truly balanced and  unique barndominium that reflects who you are and at the very same time is conducive and functional for everyday life for you and your family. This is the ultimate goal and it is entirely achievable with a little determination; Passion, and some help from your friends at Buildmax.com  

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Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott is a freelance writer and researcher that has written hundreds of articles for online companies in the area of construction, design, finance and automotive. He's a Southern boy that enjoys creek fishing, hunting and camping. He's rarely seen without his trusted beagle hound "Scooter"
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