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Are Barndominiums Difficult to Insure?

Are Barndominium Homes Difficult to Insure?

The unique hybrid structure of barndominiums blending residential dwelling purpose with barn aesthetics and materials often leaves potential homeowners wondering about insurability. Do barndos’ unconventional nature pose unexpected challenges securing essential property insurance policies? Generally most barn-style homes prove no more complicated to cover than typical housing with some key caveats.

Overcoming Barndominium Insurance Hurdles

Some insurers classifying barndominiums solely as agricultural barns rather than primary residences risks coverage gaps or policy denials. Providing detailed documentation clarifying intended full-time occupancy uses simplifies securing tailor-made homeowners insurance. In rural locales especially, emphasizing non-commercial functions also prevents higher premiums.


Establishing permanent foundations, framing methods and total square footages matching standard housing earns favorable policy rates as well. Listing non-combustible steel construction elements too assures providers that barndo fire risks run low.

grey barndominium with dark grey roof and wraparound porch

Finding Barndo-Friendly Providers

As barndominium popularity rises, many mainstream insurance companies now cater policies specifically addressing their unique protection needs. Most contain customized add-ons similar to those covering cottages or other uncommon dwelling styles. Leading barndo builder networks maintain lists of recommended providers familiar insuring steel barn homes in any region. Local area agents also offer seamless support navigating state-specific codes and qualifying discount programs.Below I have included a List of some providers to consider that are well versed in Barndominiums.

white barndominium with wraparound porch and 2 car attached garage

– State Farm – One of the largest home insurance providers in the US, State Farm offers a “barndominum rider” add-on for comprehensive coverage.

– Farmers Insurance – Well-versed in rural property insurance, Farmers agents can customize home policies addressing barndos’ unique risks.

– Allstate – Allstate delivers a “conversion coverage endorsement” specific to converted barns used as dwellings.

– Farm Bureau Financial Services – Specializes in flexible insurance offerings catering to agriculture buildings repurposed for residence.

– Erie Insurance – Erie allows adding supplemental barndominium endorsements for standard homeowners plans.

– Travelers Insurance – Travelers provides add-on “manufactured home” riders accommodating barndo builds.

– Nationwide – Longtime rural insurer Nationwide extends home coverage to common barndominium build materials and layouts.

– Liberty Mutual – Liberty Mutual offers metal structural home insurance embracing barndominium living spaces.

black barndominium shophouse with wraparound porch

Consult any of these leading carriers for barndo-friendly insurance policy options meeting code and protecting your unique investment!

With some minor clarification and vetting effort, never assume barn living mutually excludes insurance coverage. Seek providers welcoming steel homes rather than deterred by their distinctiveness. Soon you’ll secure comprehensive barndominium insurance fully shielding your investment and providing peace of mind.

Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott is a freelance writer and researcher that has written hundreds of articles for online companies in the area of construction, design, finance and automotive. He's a Southern boy that enjoys creek fishing, hunting and camping. He's rarely seen without his trusted beagle hound "Scooter"
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