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The Best Small Barndominiums To Consider: BM1600 and BM1440

The Best Small Barndominiums To Consider: BM1600 and BM1440

Many people have begun to look into building a small barndominium. Not only is the style of barndominium plans suitable, but the size is better for both their needs and their budget. BuildMax has the perfect small barndominiums for you and your family: the BM1600 and the BM1440.


blue barndominium with grey roof

The exterior makes it obvious that this home has charm and character beyond measure. It has covered porches on both the front and rear of the house that would be perfect for lounging or spending time with family. On the right of the home is a space that offers flexibility in its use as it can be used as either a car port or an extra covered porch.

If you keep the color of the siding the same, you will provide a breath of fresh air to the neighborhood with the light blue exterior. The stone on the bottom of the siding lends to the cozy feeling of the home while also adding a touch of elegance. You could easily find yourself lazing on the front porch with a book in hand.


When you enter the home, you find yourself in the living room with direct line of sight into the kitchen. The kitchen boasts a large island that could easily seat your family for dinner, but there is plenty of space to set up a dining room between the living room and kitchen. A small pantry is on the right of the kitchen, allowing storage for groceries and small appliances.

barndominium floor plan layout details

Past the pantry on the back right of the home, you’ll find a laundry/mud room that easily hosts the washer and dryer. The mechanical room is neatly tucked away behind some doors in this space, as well. A door leads out of the mud room into the car port, allowing for easy access into the home after a day out grocery shopping. No longer will you have to trek all the way through your home just to put groceries away in the kitchen.

Despite having less square footage than many other barndominium floor plans, you’ll find three spacious bedrooms in this barn style house. Two bedrooms and a full bathroom are to the left of the living room. These rooms are perfect for your children or for a guest room and an office. With close proximity to the kitchen and living room, no one will feel isolated but will still enjoy their privacy.

The master suite is to the right of the living room. When you walk in, you’re met with plenty of space to easily set up your bedroom suite. A large walk-in closet is immediately to the left of the bedroom entrance with the master bath further past that. While not as grand as the larger barndominiums, the master bath in this home plan will still make you feel pampered.

This home would fit the warm, cozy aesthetic perfectly. The charming exterior could lead into a warm, welcoming interior that will make anyone feel at home. Guests will immediately feel comfortable and relaxed, especially when the living space is decorated with warm colors and comfortable seating. Pictures displaying family and stunning landscapes could dot the walls, adding to the feeling of warmth visitors will get when walking through the home.


white barndominium on a lake in the woods

The BM1440 has a somewhat similar exterior to the BM1600. While it doesn’t have a car port, it does have nice front and rear covered porches that make this home feel comfortable and inviting. Planting flowers along the porch would add to the cozy aesthetic the this barndominium already exudes.

When you enter the home, you find yourself in the living room, looking straight back into the kitchen and the dining room area that is off to the side of the kitchen. You could comfortably fit your living room furniture in the room, and the kitchen hosts an island that could have bar stools set around it. The dining room is spacious enough to fit a small family comfortably. A space for the laundry appliances is tucked behind some doors next to the dining room.

To the left of the living room are two bedrooms and a full bathroom, similar to the BM1600. To the right of the living room is the master suite. The bedroom leads into the master bathroom, which then leads in to the walk-in closet. The closet can easily fit all your clothes and the proximity to the bathroom makes getting ready in the mornings a breeze.

barndominium floor plan first floor layout

This home may appear small and as though it couldn’t possibly offer a comfortable living space, but don’t let the small exterior fool you. This barndominium could easily host guests and still allow enough space for them not to feel cramped. The porches have plenty of room for guests to lounge while you barbeque and enjoy the weather together.

During Christmas, you could cuddle up with family around the Christmas tree, reminding you that the holidays are best when spent with those you care about. Nothing quite captures the holiday spirit as well as being nestled up with a movie playing in the background while the lights from the tree twinkle in the dark. This floor plan would make those winter nights feel much warmer.

Similar to the larger barndominiums, you can still get barndominium kits for these plans. The great thing about small barndominiums is that they are cost effective, saving you money on materials and also on crew. Small barndominiums will look good as pole barns or metal buildings, too, so don’t feel limited to the traditional build.

white cabin style barndominium by the lake in the woods

Small barndominiums have a lot to offer, and these two plans are perfect examples of that. Many people think barndominiums have to be these big, expensive homes, but barndominiums come in all sizes and prices. Despite their small size, these plans are perfect for big dreams.



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