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Building a new home can be exciting and challenging at the same time. Many people don’t know where to start, that’s why we developed BuildMax. A way to maximize your homebuilding experience by providing you exclusive barndominium plans that you can’t find anywhere else. We sell stock house plans, you can modify our existing plans or custom design your own plan in as little as 21 days.

We Design Custom Barndominiums

Black Barndos

America's Favorite Shouse

America's Favorite Barndo

2,334 sq ft Barndo

Shophouse Barndo

960 sq. ft. Bachelor Barndo

Nashville Barndominium

Smaller House Plans

1600 sq ft barn house plan

Ranch Style Plan

America's Best Barndominium

One Story House Plan


A barndominium is a style of architecture with an influence of country, farmhouse and modern design that draws inspiration from traditional barns. Barndominiums are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners who want to enjoy the rustic charm and modern features of this style. While metal buildings are often used to build barndominiums, other building materials like post frame and conventional wood frame methods offer a more traditional look that can fit into any landscape. 

Barndominiums come in a variety of sizes and layouts, from single story ranch style to multi story floor plans. Most barndominiums are used as single family residences but more recently families have been building them with dual purposes. One use for a barndominium is incorporating your business into your living space. This is more commonly referred to as a Shophouse or an Shouse

This style of barndominium is typically 50% living space and 50% shop or garage space. No matter what type of barndominum plan you choose, one thing is for sure: you’ll be living in a space that truly stands out from the crowd.

5 bedroom Barndominium

4 bedroom Barndominium


That is a question we are asked every day and it requires a bit of planning and budgeting to come up with the exact figure. What we can tell you is our barndominium plans range from $1250-$1575 for stock plans, $2500 and up for modifications/redesign and $3000 & up for custom plans. Typical dry-in materials packages range from $20-$30 per under-roof square footage for a barndominium kit

Although the material package covers a lot of items on your budget it is only a starting point. An average shell package can include exterior framing, trusses, metal siding and 26 gauge PBR metal roofing, soffit, trim, screws, windows, garage doors and entry doors.

Ask about a free homebuilding budget worksheet that will help you build a budget.

When budgeting for a homebuilding project you will need a good set of plans to get a more accurate quote from your builder or subcontractors. Plans can be purchased as an instant download and the PDF file can be taken to any printer like Staples and printed in a 24”X36” home plan format.

You will need a minimum of 3-5 sets of blueprints if you plan to hire a builder. Barndominiums cost between $100-$150 per square foot on average depending on where you live. In some areas of the country they can cost even higher due to a shortage of skilled labor. Is it possible to construct a barndo at an even lower cost? You may be able to but you’ll need to invest a considerable amount of sweat equity into the project.

Wrap-around Porches

An ECO Barndo at 1400 sq ft


A barn house is a style of architecture also known as a barndominium or (barndo for short). Just because you live in a barn house doesn’t mean you live in a barn. Traditional homes have a more conventional look and are easily identifiable since these style homes have been prevalent for hundreds of years. In recent years the farmhouse movement has resurrected older styles and made them modern. 

Barn house plans have been popular since they borrow from the nostalgic architecture of the American barn. You could buy a barn and turn it into a home but that option poses some structural complications. A better option is to design a custom barn house plan from scratch or choose a stock house plan. There are also options to buy building kits or order a steel barndominium. 

Barn house companies offer metal home kits, steel barndominiums, post frame or pole barn kits and conventional stick-built packages. You have plenty of options when it comes to building a barn house.



BM3151-G Classic Farmhouse

4 bedroom Barn House

Should I self-build or hire a Contractor?

Most people hire a general contractor to build their barndominium. A question we hear quite often is “will my builder know how to construct a barndominium or will my building department allow a barndominium to be built in my area?” 

Since the term “barndominium” is not as popular as a farmhouse style home we have removed the word from our house plans to make it easier for people to understand what you plan to build. Our plans are titled as “Custom Home Plan BM2500” for example. When building a barndominium you are actually building a custom home. 

BuildMax house plans are easier to build than a conventional home since we use simple lines and gable roofs on all our house plans. Some people choose to self-build or self-contract their own barndominium. This may require special funding sources since most banks will not allow you to obtain a construction loan without a builder of record signing off on your project.


3,151 SF White Farmhouse

A Simple Barndominium

Shophouse: BM2900-G

2,400 SF Cabin Barndo

What is the best homebuilding method for building a barndominium?


Metal building homes have been popular throughout the years but more conventional methods like post frame and conventional lumber are gaining popularity. The primary reason that most people are building barndominiums using conventional methods is price, accessibility, and more laborers. 

In coastal areas of the U.S. it is still popular to use steel framing since steel is stronger than wood and can withstand hurricane force winds. In fire prone areas in the West, steel framing and siding are popular as well. But for most American’s wood framed barndominiums can be $30K or more less than steel framed. 

The aesthetic appearance of your house will stay the same regardless of whether you choose a wooden or metal frame for your abode. And most barndominium style homes use metal siding and metal roofing just like metal building barndominiums. In most cases, red iron steel can take 15-20 weeks to be manufactured. 

Galvanized rolled steel shell packages can be produced in as little as 3-4 weeks and wood framed packages purchased from local lumber companies cab be delivered in as little as 2-3 weeks. Both options usually have metal siding and metal roofing included. 

If you are looking for the most economical method right now most likely it’s a wood framed package. In some cases, BuildMax can refer builders or help you find a builder for your project.


Barndominium Tour

Barndominium Video Tour

2,334 SF 4 Bedroom Plan

2,334 SF w/ Garage

Buying a stock set of barndominium floor plans


Stock house plans are floor plans that can be bought online without any modifications needed. BuildMax has some of the most desirable barndominium floor plans in the industry. 

Our plans are exclusive and cannot be bought from a big box house plan company. 

Buying a stock house plan from our site will give you instant access to your plan file in a PDF format. Plans can be printed by any local printer and given to your builder the same day. 

You can also buy stock plans and choose to have the plans modified later. 


2,085 SF Barn House Plan

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Customizing a set of barndominium floor plans


Get a quote for customizing or redesigning a set of stock plans. One of the easiest ways to modify a set of plans is to print off the design and mark up the plan. Some people choose to use graph paper to sketch out their own designs. There is a difference between redesigning a set of plans and a custom design. 

Custom plans usually include making changes to the foundation and elevations. Simple modifications include making interior wall changes. 

Modifying a plan can cost as little as $750, average around $2800-$3200 and extensive redesigns and custom plans can cost $3500-$5000 depending on the size of the house. 

Working with a Junior designer to design your dream barndominium can be exciting and rewarding.


Modern House Floor Plans & Designs Company
Modern House Floor Plans & Designs Company



Barndominium kits can include everything you need to build the shell of your new home. Metal building home kits are built using galvanized steel framing, PBR metal siding and roofing. 

Some companies sell conventional wood framed barndominium kits that include 2×6 wood framing, wood roof trusses,  PBR metal siding, metal roofing, Pella 250 series windows and doors. 

All of our barndominium plans can also be modified and built using a post frame method. This is an advanced method that can include concrete perma-columns in the ground or above ground steel brackets that mount to the slab. 

Post frame barndominium kits and wood frame kits tend to cost less than metal building home kits. 


Steps to building a barndominium

  1. Find Land
  2. Choose or design a barndominium plan
  3. Meet with a G.C. to get a quote
  4. Choose a Construction Lender
  5. Close on your loan
  6. Building starts
  7. 6-9 months of building
  8. Move-in day

Why Choose BuildMax House Plans?

Top Floor Plan Designers

We work with hundreds of the nations top floor plan designers that have been drafting blueprints since the 1980's.

Competitive Pricing

We are dedicated to delivering the best pricing on all our plans. From time to time you will find we offer special discounts.

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We want you to see us as your homebuilding partner not just a company that sells house plans. Have questions? Call 270.495.3250.

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A boutique house plans company that loves architecture

What makes BuildMax different ?

There are plenty of house plan companies to choose from but BuildMax is unique. BuildMax is a small boutique house plan company that enjoys working one-on-one with it’s clients.

Whether we are helping our client choose a barndominium plan or working with them on designing their own custom farmhouse house plan, we love it. We are builders, we are designers and we are real people dealing with real life. 

Give us a call or send us a text and see for yourself.

Favorite House Plan designs

The BuildMax designer have chosen thousands of house plans in a variety of categories for you to choose from. Rather than sifting through 30,000 plans, we have tired to narrow down the choices to the top 3,000 plans that are most popular. 

Here is a link to the top 3,000 house plans. If you have any questions about the plans feel free to call us anytime at 270.495.3259

Barndominium Plans

BuildMax loves barndominium floor plans. We enjoy helping our barndo clients choose the right plan for their family. Recently we have been helping many families design their own shop house also known as an Shouse. 

Shop House traditional is a metal building used for a shop or garage with a living quarters built into the shop. BuildMax is reshaping the way people see the traditional Shop House by making them more appealing and more functional for the average family. 

Many Shouses resemble a Barndominium in style. What makes BuildMax barndominiums and Shop Houses so unqiue is they can be built using three different methods. The can be stick-built, post frame or built using steel as a metal building home.

Popular Styles you love

One of the most popular house plan styles these days happens to be farmhouse barndominiums and southern living house plans. But not everyone is into the farmhouse movement, and we realize that. Barndominium house plans are on the rise as well. 

As prices for lumber increases people look for ways to save even more money. Alternative homebuilding like steel buildings, pole barns, ICF and panelized or modular homes are becoming popular with families looking for more economical choices. 

A List of the styles we offer

Classic Farmhouse             Barndominium
Modern Farmhouse             Florida
Cottage                             Craftsman
Ranch                               Modern
Country                            Traditional
Mountain                          European


Did you know we can design house plans in as little as 21 days ?

We recently deployed a new program that gives you the ability to work with a pro designer to create your own custom house plan in as little as 21 days. 

Whether you plan to build a modern house or plan to design your own pole barn, we can make the process simple and enjoyable. Planning to build can be challenging and stressful, you need someone on your side and that’s the BuildMax team. 

We have been Homebuilding Advocates for nearly two decades and we know a bit about building a new house.

What's the BuildMax story ?

BuildMax started in 1998 as Equity Builders New Home Consulting company. In 2003 we launched a unique homebuilding program from our kitchen table and over the course of a few years we had grown into an $80M business nationwide. 

Although we have grown, we haven’t forgot who helped us get to were we are today, you. It’s why we wake up each day, it’s why love our job. 

We care about people, we love architecture and homebuilding and we are passionate about saving people money. So much so, that we recently built our own home from the ground up. I cut every board in the house and my husband did the nailing. 

It’s a Hybrid Tiny home with lots of woods and whites, check it out here.

Thanks so much for trusting us with your dreams.

Arlene, co-founder of BuildMax.

                             Arlene, co-founder of Buildmax.

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