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What Are Pole Barn Homes & How Can I Build One?

What Are Pole Barn Homes & How Can I Build One?

When it comes to building a home, you have many steps you need to follow. You need to get land, get floor plans, and figure out what method you’ll use to build. Out of the many options for building, pole barns are a common option that is rising in popularity. There are many perks to building a pole barn home that make it stand out from the traditional home.

What is a pole barn?

Pole barns are commonly seen in rural areas, though in the last few years they have become a popular build outside of those communities. Pole barns – frequently referred to as post-frame – are known for their strength and durability as well as their open spaces. They are known to use less building materials and can be constructed more quickly.

Pole barn plans are perfect for barndominiums as both utilize open spaces that allow for open concept floor plans. When people buy barndominium floor plans, they often choose post frame construction to build a barndominium. This is because of the reason above: they just work together. While metal building can also achieve this, those tend to be more expensive.

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How do I build a pole barn?

When it comes to home construction, there are many variables that you must consider. You have to think about the cost, the location, and the many processes included in building a home. The first step is getting home plans but after is where it tends to get stressful.

Many people who choose to build barndominiums look into buying barndominium kits, which will include all the framing materials needed. These kits can come in post frame, which is what is needed to build a pole barn. This makes it easier for the buyer as they won’t have to search around for their materials, nor will they have to worry about missing materials needed to complete the build.

When considering the cost of the build, you first need to take into account the cost of materials. While less materials are needed to build a pole barn in comparison to stick-built homes, the quality of materials is higher, therefore making it slightly more expensive. The materials need to be thicker to support the home, such as with the posts that make this a pole barn house.

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It’s important to keep in mind that with the kits, the framing is the only thing included so things like drywall will need to be done through a contractor. The barndominium kits through BuildMax offer not only the framing materials, but also the windows and exterior doors. This leaves one less thing that needs to be taken care of on the buyer’s end and the quality of the windows and doors is high, so you’re not compromising on quality for convenience.

While the cost of materials may be higher for a pole barn, you need to also consider the cost of a crew erecting your building. With stick-built and steel buildings, the crews will spend more time constructing your building. However, with post frame homes they are able to construct your building more quickly, which means you’ll be spending less money on the cost of a crew.

Having a general contractor who is familiar with pole buildings is important, as many general contractors aren’t. If you get a kit through BuildMax, the kits come with assembly drawings that can be used as a guide for assembling the building which may allow contractors who are unfamiliar with post frame builds to feel more comfortable constructing the home.


How can I save some money with my build?

If you have a set budget that you find is being greatly impacted by the cost of materials and the crew to construct your building, you may consider doing a few things. Doing some of the work yourself is a good way to keep the build within your budget. For example, if you or your relatives are familiar with installing flooring you can install it yourself as opposed to having someone do it for you.

You may also want to install cabinetry or do painting yourself. Doing as many things on your own or with friends and family is a great way to save money and stay within your budget. You may also want to sacrifice some things in order to reduce the cost of the build, such as getting cheaper appliances that can be upgraded later on.

There are many things that can be upgraded later on that you should consider when building and furnishing your home that can maximize your money. Whether it be appliances, paint, or furniture, you should keep in mind that you can change these when you find you are more financially fit to do so. If you have to choose countertops and cabinets that aren’t to your liking, you can change those out, or you can paint cabinets that aren’t a preferred color.

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Overall, pole barns are a great method of building when it comes to barndominium floor plans. Between the open spaces they offer and the durability of the products, they are often preferred over stick-built homes. While they may be more expensive when it comes to the cost of materials, you can easily find other ways to stay within your budget to offset that cost.



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