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Building Equity into your barndominium with Quality materials.

Building Your Barndominium to Truly Last a Lifetime

Constructing a barndominium home marks a major investment for most families. Naturally you want assurances that your custom barn residence retains livability and value overtime rather than demanding expensive repairs continually. The right material selections and build strategies from the initial construction phases pay dividends ensuring your barndo dwelling stays structurally sound for decades to come.

Shun Cheap Shortcuts

When pricing out framing, roofing, surfaces and fixtures, cheaper upfront costs tempt. But lower-grade construction materials sacrifice long-term durability and frequently demand replacement in under 10-15 years. Prioritize quality metal roofing with durable Kynar 500 PVDF coatings that sustain sun, snow and hail exposure for 30+ years without failing. Spend a bit more on commercial insulated steel entry and garage doors rated for high traffic use over cheap residential models prone to dings.Factory finished hardwood floors make better lifelong investments than discount laminate or LVT prone to scratches and stains.

Choose Steel Framing For Strength

For barndos you plan calling home for generations, steel structural framing sets an unbeatable foundation. Pre-engineered barndominium kits like those Buildmax provides include premium steel beams, columns and sheathing custom cut and ready to erect on site. The inherant strength of American steel prevents sagging, rotting, pest damage or mold issues plaguing classic timber framing. Proper updates and maintenance help steel barndo skeletons endure over 75 years in all climate extremes —far longer than possible with wood alternatives.

A prefabricated steel barndominium kit from a quality supplier like Buildmax typically contains the following structural components and materials:

Steel Frame and Roof Trusses
– Galvanized I-beam columns and rafters
– Color steel roof panels and trim
– Corrugated or standing seam metal roofing
– Fascia, rake, ridge cap, eave trim
– Heavy duty frame hardware: bolts, fasteners, straps

Siding and Exterior
– Screw-down sheet metal siding
– Metal exterior wainscoting
– Steel loft doors
– Gutter and downspout system
– Insulated metal overhead doors

Platform Framing Lumber
– Dimensional lumber for interior wall partitions
– Floor joists and rim boards
– Wall and roof sheathing/decking sheets

Detailed Floor Plans
– Engineered foundation plan
– Framing schematics and layouts
– Step-by-step Building instructions

A pre-engineered barndo kit minimizes complex structural construction so owners can focus efforts on interior remodeling/finishing.

With a complete shell to simply side, insulate, wire and decorate, steel barns fast track dwelling dreams!

Do not diminish the staying power or future appraisal value of your barndominium by cutting corners today. Spend a bit more upfront on quality steel building kits, commercial grade finishes and durable design details for confidence your customized barn home sustains for decades or more

With Buildmax as guides throughout the brainstorming, sketching, refining and modeling phases, creating the ideal custom barndominium layout feels smooth instead of stressfully trying to accomplish everything single handed take a look at the extensive floor plan library that offers as well as the steel pre-fabricated kits we have been talking about for any Floor Plan on their site and more. Come check out what Buildmax can offer right now!

Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
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