Coffee Bar Craze!

Hello there, sweet friends!

 It’s that time again, time for another cup of coffee. I always need my coffee in the morning. Although I am finding around 3:30-4:00 PM I am needing another cup. Only difference and I don’t know if anyone else is like this, but in the afternoon, I love flavored coffee. Question! Do you have a coffee bar in your Farmhouse or Barndominium? Are you a coffee connoisseur? You know the kind I’m talking about, the kind that has coffee bath bombs, coffee scented candles, every kind of coffee pod you can imagine. The coffee bar has become a big thing. Families are staying home more and love to relax and hangout with their electronics in hand, and scroll through Emails, Pinterest, IG, or whatever it may be that you enjoy in your down time these days. It has become a social thing for young and old. So much so that in one of our recent Barndominium floor plans I decided to design an internet café in the home, where friends and family can gather and have a coffee or just hang out together. Of course, this space could become an office. If you are interested in taking a look at the floor plan You can find it on our website plan BM3150. 

Incorporating a coffee bar into your home is easy, just make sure it is functional for you and your family. By Using unique pieces like antique sideboards, vintage dressers, antique China cabinets. I have incorporated a coffee bar into my master bedroom, it is used every morning and night. I fill my coffee bar with flavored creamers, multiple different tea’s and you better believe some delicious snacks and Shhh, don’t tell the grandkids but my husband even hides doughnuts in there from time to time. I would like to add a small mini fridge and perhaps a small microwave to my coffee bar soon, like this weekend.  YES PLEASE! 

A coffee bar would be a wonderful addition to any home. Get inspiration for your new coffee bar on Pinterest. They are not just for coffee alone, add a 3tier stacked tray to the top of your coffee bar, you can find these at hobby lobby, or if you are the daring and creative type, like myself you can design and create one that is unique to your space. for the Holidays by adding mini messages or small décor that pertains to your theme at the time or holiday. I add breakfast protein bars, Mini packages of doughnuts and packets for instant Oatmeal, or fruit. I also add stir straws, honey straws and lots of extract flavorings for those who want to make their own unique flavors, without the calories in store bought creamers. Its easy grab and go for hectic mornings. A coffee bar is the way to go in our home, that’s all I have on this subject today sweet friends. Maybe someone in your family has an antique piece of furniture you can use as a coffee bar in your home. 

Have fun getting inspired and working on your new coffee bar. 

Blessings sweet friends