Copyright Notice

How to Avoid Legal Action?

1. Copyrighted Home Plans: has designed and holds the copyrights to the pre-designed and custom plans featured on this website. Purchasing PDF construction sets grants the original purchaser a limited license to build one house from the plans. All plan purchases include the right to print or photocopy the construction documents. Like books, movies, and music, federal copyright laws protect the intellectual property of architects and home designers, prohibiting the reproduction or reuse of these designs or similar derivative work without explicit permission from the copyright holder. BuildMax’s attorneys will adamantly defend their original interior floor plans and exterior 3D elevations for copyright infringement.

2. Prohibition on Copying: It is illegal to copy, create, or adapt construction drawings from designs found in any plan book, electronic files, or online. Likewise, it is unlawful to replicate a constructed home protected by copyright, even if you have never viewed the original plans. To legally use a specific design, you must purchase the plans from an authorized source like

3. Online Review Images: Images downloaded from our website or an affiliate website does not confer the right to build the home. A full construction package and license must be purchased to legally build one of our homes.

  1. License Limitations: Building more than one home from a single plan set purchased under one license constitutes copyright infringement. Additional plan sets do not permit the construction of multiple homes. Only the purchase of a separate license will allow you to build the house plan more than once. Please contact our customer service to see if a reuse fee applies for additional licensing.
  2. Modifications to Plans: While modifications may be necessary to tailor plans to your specific needs, some states require the plans to be sealed and/or redrawn by a licensed professional. Modifying a copyrighted design does not free you from the original copyright. is not liable for any changes, and you are responsible for the accuracy and compliance of any modifications. Any expenses incurred for alterations or to meet local codes are your responsibility. An architect, designer, A.I., nor any individual may modify a BuildMax plan without purchasing a CAD file and obtaining a build license.
  3. Responsibility for Copyright Infringement: Any party involved in copyright violation may be held accountable, regardless of their awareness of the infringement. Ignorance of the law is not a valid defense. Ensure you are using legally obtained designs.
  4. Penalties for Infringement: Copyright infringement penalties are severe. Offenders may be liable for statutory damages up to $150,000 per offence, actual damages, profits from unauthorized use, and reasonable legal fees of the designer.
  5. Usage Restrictions: The rights to the plans are non-transferable and cannot be resold. Payment allows use but does not transfer ownership. You may loan plans to third parties for construction assistance but must retrieve all loaned documents after their use.
  6. Derivative Works: Modifying a plan creates a derivative work, still owned by the original copyright holder. Even with changes, if you intend to build multiple homes from the modified plan, you must obtain the necessary reuse licenses and display the copyright notice appropriately.

    By understanding and adhering to these copyright guidelines, you can enjoy a smooth and lawful home-building experience with plans from