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Custom Barndominium Flooring: Styles & Options Galore

Custom Barndo Flooring – Evaluating Durability, Style & Costs

When personalizing a barndominium layout, one of the most exciting crossroads arrives – selecting perfect floors to echoes your aesthetic and endure decades of family living. Especially in frequently wet areas like kitchens and baths, choosing flooring blending visual allure and hardcore durability proves essential. What are some top flooring contender options for custom barndo projects spanning rustic to contemporary styles?

Industrial style kitchen with black cabinetry and brick walls

Custom Barndominium Flooring Contenders


Engineered Hardwood – $7-15/sq.ft installed
Pro: On-trend, eco-friendly. Con: Prone to moisture/denting

Porcelain Tile – $10-25/sq.ft installed
Pro: Stylish, super-durable. Con: Hard, cold underfoot

Polished Concrete – $6-9/sq.ft
Pro: Modern industrial vibe. Con: Performs poorly in wet zones

Refinishing Existing Floors – $3-4/sq.ft
Pro: Preserves patina. Con: Won’t fix structural issues

Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) – $4-8/sq.ft
Pro: Cost-effective, waterproof. Con: Doesn’t match wood/stone perfectly



Most Popular Overall: Luxury Vinyl
While porcelain, concrete and hardwood each offer pros, installing luxury vinyl plank frequently delivers the best blend of affordability, realistic visuals, killer durability and moisture protection. Many builders use LVP as their barndominium flooring default – myself included!

black barndominium

Why I Chose Lifeproof Brand Luxury Vinyl On My Personal Barndominium. 

I had originally finished polished concrete floors downstairs with LVP upstairs but once I got the LVP installed and could see the realistic wood look I knew I wanted my downstairs covered in the same. Wanting floors that would endure heavy use with dogs, friends who don’t treat your stuff the same as their stuff, and kids running in and out all day while retaining stain-resisting scratch proofing narrowed my choice instantly to LVP. Being familiar with Lifeproof product testing from a previous purchase, I knew their Stone Barnwood and Seaside Walnut vinyl collections would create gorgeously convincing hardwood/stone aesthetics able to handle serious wear. And at just $5/sq.ft total installed, the value proved unbeatable! Compared to genuine wood or porous tile, LVP cleared every bar for realistic beauty and long-lasting durability inside my family’s custom barndominium renovation. Below I’ve included a picture of the finished product.

Whether pursuing weathered barnwood hues or sleek concrete visuals, modern flooring manufacturers continue pushing creative boundaries regarding how convincingly vinyl, laminate and engineered composites replicate premium building materials at mere fractions of their cost. Just ensure underlying support and moisture barriers meet codes so your floors shine beautifully for decades embracing busy barndominium lifestyles in any climate! Pick out your Dream Barndominium Floor plans at & jumpstart your barndo journey for real today!

Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
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