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Custom House
Plans in 21 Days.

BuildMax is a small boutique house plan company that can design everything from tiny house plans, hybrid tiny houses and larger family house plans. We are a small “family owned business” that believes in integrity and premier customer service. Our Accelerated Design Services can get the first draft of your custom house plan in your hands in as little as 21 days.

Custom House Design

Here's How it Works.

Working Directly with the Designer.

Step 1: Meet with the Designer to discuss your plans

A simple phone call could save you thousands of dollars and reduce the challenges you may face. Recently a client contacted us and after our first conversation we helped them identify a way to save a substantial amount of money.  


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faster plan delivery

How it works

Choosing the right house plan for your family.

Choosing the right house plan really depends on a lot of factors. Your Personal Designer can discuss these factors in more detail but here are a few questions you may be asked before choosing a new house plan.

What would you do differently?

Consider your current home in this question.

Write down everything you would change to your currently living space. Maybe your kitchen doesn’t have a large pantry or you have always dreamed of having a wrap-around porch. Your list of dream features can really help a designer better understand your needs and wants in a new house plan.

Will your life look different in the next 5-7 years?

Plan for the future.

Looking ahead is critical when designing a new house plan. If your family is growing you may consider designing a house plan with more bedrooms and use the extra bedroom for an office or craft room until your family expands. On the other hand if you are planning to downsize that’s another consideration all together. 

Custom House Plans in 10 Days

What does your lot look like?

Lot topography, size and shape matter.

If you already have your plans you may want to provide the designer with a plot plan. A plot plan will show land boundaries and help determine if you need to consider setback requirements. Sloped lots can be challenging but also make it easier to add a basement. Zillow has some good advice on buying land.

What style of house do you love?


There are so many styles of house plans these days to choose from. But most likely you already know the style you love. A quick search on Pinterest, Instagram or Google images will give you tons of choices. The advantage to a custom house plan is you can mix and match styles to create that special dream house that’s a one-of-a-kind. See the Viers Farmhouse plan we recently designed the Instagram site @farmhouse2020


custom tiny house plans

See our featured house plans

Many people buy house plans years before they actually build

Time and Effort

How long does it take?

Here’s a quick breakdown on designing custom house plans.

Initial Call with a

Team Member

This discussion can last 30 minutes to one hour. We want to better understand your project. Don't worry if you do not have all the answers.

Provide us with a sketch

After the first call we will ask you to provide us some visual ideas, a list of wants and/or a hand drawn sketch. Don't worry about being an artist 🙂

As little as 21 days

to 1st draft

We provide your information to our Design Team and they will have your 1st draft complete in as little as 21 days. After that you can make several modifications until you are happy.

How you pay

What options do you have to pay for house plans?

pay for New Home Consultant, Pay for House Plans

Pay with most major credit cards.

Pay for instant downloads and custom plans with most major credit cards.

house plan designer

Our designers are the best.

Get started

Getting started doesn't cost you anything.

Reach out to us to discuss your project, even if you don’t plan to build for a year or so the call is free.

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