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How loud will your barndominium’s Roof be when it’s raining?

Are Barndominium Roofs Loud When Raining?

Barndominiums have been growing in popularity across the U.S. in recent years. Often upcycled from old barns and sheds, they offer spacious rustic living at affordable prices. However, some interested buyers wonder – with their large spans of sloped metal roofing, are barndominiums painfully loud inside whenever it storms?

white barndominium with covered porch

The short answer is: that they absolutely can be, but don’t necessarily have to be. A loud metal roof is a very desirable characteristic for many people building a rustic style barndominium, Barndominium roof noise during rain depends on four main variables:

white barndominium with covered porch

Roof Panel Type
The most common metal roof options for barndominiums are corrugated galvanized steel or exposed-fastener panels. Corrugated panels in particular amplify noise as rainwater runs down the valleys and ridges. Flat, concealed-fastener metal panels offer a quieter alternative. They have an overlapping smooth surface that rain glides across without as much reverberation.

famrhouse style barndominium with wraparound porch

Insulation Inclusion
Adding at least some insulation when repurposing old barns dampens interior noise penetration significantly. Closed-cell spray foam insulation locks out external noise better than fiberglass batts. Installing a sound attenuation insulation like DenseGlas between roof joists and panels further deadens the acoustics.

white barndominium floor plan with wraparound porch

Rainfall Intensity
Obviously loud “pounding” rain events will create more resounding noise on metal roofs than light sprinkles. So barndominium owners can expect especially heavy regional downpours like hurricanes and thunderstorms to generate louder roof noise. General rainfall produces noticeable but not usually disruptive noise.

black barndominium with gable

Interior Fitments

How the interior of the barndominium gets built out also influences resulting rain noise. Gypsum board ceilings with acoustic caulking fully finished attics or installing suspended drywall ceilings significantly buffer noise. Exposed roof joists and rafters internally amplify sound. Other protectants like blown-in insulation or Full-Fill noise reduction systems also minimize echo.

black barndominium with covered porch

In summary – a bare-bones, cavernous barndominium covered in corrugated steel offers little acoustic insulation when storms roll through. But upgrading panels, fully dressing out the interior, and strategic soundproofing provide affordable ways to reduce weather noise. Balancing project budget with desired comfort helps buyers choose the best barndominium roof noise solution.

Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
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