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How To Minimize “Sweat” In Metal Barndominiums

Comprehensive Guide to Minimize Condensation in Metal Barndominiums

The efficient sealed construction of metal barndominiums can lead to problematic condensation, sweating and dripping if adequate provisions are not made to control humidity and vapor transmission. Left unchecked, moisture buildup results in mold, wood rot, corrosion and drips. With diligent moisture control planning in the design stage and vigilant maintenance post-construction, condensation can be minimized for the life of your steel barn home.

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Where Condensation Originates

Condensation forms when warm interior air contacts cold surfaces. The temperature variance causes water vapor to condense. Common problem areas include:

– Poorly insulated metal framing and sheathing – cold surfaces sweat accumulating moisture.

– Exposed fasteners and hardware penetrations – thermal bridges transmit exterior temperatures.

– Cycling HVAC systems overcooling then reheating – drives humidity fluctuations.

– Bathrooms, kitchens, laundry – high humidity needs proper venting.

– Basement slabs and concrete walls – transmit cold to interior finishes.

Comprehensive Condensation Prevention

1. Insulate steel framing cavities with spray foam and install vapor barrier sheathing to prevent cold surface sweating while controlling vapor drive.

2. Seal all penetrations through envelope fully using acoustical sealant. Protect exposed fasteners and hardware.

3. Oversized HVAC capacity 20%+ to maintain stable interior humidity levels. Include fresh air exchange.

4. Install bathroom, kitchen, and laundry exhaust fans ducting moisture outside.


5. Allow all moisture barriers ample drying time before enclosing walls. Use dehumidification and fans to accelerate.

6. Continuously monitor indoor humidity staying below 50% RH. Use dehumidifiers to regulate moisture.


7. Insulate basement slabs and walls to prevent cold surface condensation where finishes meet concrete.

8. Immediately repair any envelope breaches, leaks, or flashing failures to prevent excess moisture entry.

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Condensation control starts at the design phase with proper HVAC sizing, insulation, and vapor flow considerations. But ongoing vigilance identifying and addressing any evidence of moisture buildup is also key to ensure your steel structure performs safely. With diligence on both fronts, your barndominium can stay dry for decades to come.

Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
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