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1. BuildMax primarily designs custom house plans.

Our process is simple. You can call, email or fill out this form for a Custom Home Plan Quote.

Once we understand the style of home you need, the square footage and the amenities, we can provide a quote. We can send you an invoice or you can pay online at The process from first discussion to completed plans usually take 2-3 weeks depending on complexity. Once you approve the rough draft the full set of plans will be done in less than 10 days.

2. BuildMax also offers new home consulting, because:


of homeowners pay too much when building a new home


of builder conflicts can be resolved with one phone call when a mediator is involved


the number of advocates that most homeowners have on their side

BuildMax clients featured on CNN Money.

Our clients billie and rodney were interviewed by cnn

BuildMax Works For You!

Would you trade $4,000 to save $5K, $10K or even $20K? Sure you would. Everyone wants to save money, but when it comes to building a house and working with a builder most people don’t know where to start and how to save money during the homebuilding process.


It starts with a FREE Consultation

A dedicated New Home Consultant

Within the first 30 minutes of our conversation we can identify ways you can save money.


A customer starts a project.

Homeowner Advantage

Now you have someone on your side. Builders are out to make as much money as they can, supplier are too, but BuildMax works for you. Our goal is to provide you with education and knowledge so you can make better decisions, choose the right house plans and hire the right builder.


Next we put together a plan

Assembling the team

BuildMax provides you with a detailed plan of next steps in the homebuilding process. We can advise on lot selection, plan design, builder choice, material suppliers and much more.


A customer starts a project.

Homeowner Advantage

Homeowner that use the BuildMax program can take advantage of our free Builder Locator Service. BuildMax actively searches out and conducts an initial interview with local builders and suppliers to find the best deals, saving you even more money. We can even work with your builder of choice.


It’s time to build

Getting the plan started

Building a home can be stressful and their will be challenges, even if you have a builder. But don’t worry, BuildMax has your back. We monitor your project through completion.


A customer starts a project.

Homeowner Advantage

Challenges will come, and there are even times when you may have a builder conflict, but that’s why you hire BuildMax. We can step in and be the good guy or bad guy if needed. We resolve 70% of builder conflicts on the first call because we understand the construction process, builders and material suppliers. We also look for ways to resolve issues before they occur. BuildMax is a true advocate for the homeowner and we work for you, have you’re best interest at heart and look for ways to make the project go as smooth as possible.

What do you pay for, and how?

Let’s talk about money.

Hire BuildMax as a New Home Consultant for as little as $4K and we will work hard to save you at least $5K, $10K or even $20K during the building process. Savings depend on local builders, suppliers and financing options

Free Builder Locator Service

Free Builder Locator Service

BuildMax will locate a reputable builder in your area, conduct the interview and present them to you at no charge to you.

pay for New Home Consultant, Pay for House Plans

Pay for our consulting services

We take most all forms of debit and credit cards

Pay over time for New Home Consultant, Pay for House Plans

Pay over time.

BuildMax is working with Affirm to offer you the best long term payment options

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