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Preventing & Controlling Moisture With a Barndominium Kit

Preventing & Controlling Moisture With a Barndominium Kit Build

Barndominiums offer many perks as customizable and budget-friendly homes, but their metal shell construction also comes with unique moisture risks both during building and once occupied. Managing humidity appropriately helps avoid issues like mold, wood rot, and corrosion over time. Let’s overview common moisture concerns and best practices to keep your steel structure dry.

black barndominium shophouse with wraparound porch

Moisture Risks During Construction

While the prefabricated metal framing arrives dry from the factory, moisture exposure risk quickly accelerates once assembly begins onsite. Wet weather and humidity can compromise framing before the structure is sealed. Carefully protect materials with tarps and temporary roof coverings throughout each build stage. Thoroughly dry any wet framing immediately using fans to avoid trapped moisture in cavities once walls are closed up.

Insulation & Vapor Barriers

It’s critical to install high quality insulation with proper vapor barrier layers between the interior finishes and exterior sheathing. This helps regulate temperature differences and condensation potential within wall systems. Follow codes for vapor barrier use in your region and avoid gaps in installation.

black barndominium with wraparound porch and 3 car garage

Proper Ventilation Post-Construction

Once occupied, sufficient ventilation helps control humidity created by daily living. Install bathroom exhaust fans ducting moisture outside. Use kitchen ventilation hoods when cooking. Make sure HVAC systems are sized adequately and pair units with dehumidification modes. Consider fresh air intake and whole house fans for additional air circulation.

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Humidity & Temperature Management

Monitor indoor humidity year-round and keep around 50% or less. This may require dedicated dehumidifiers during humid seasons. Maintain even indoor temperatures around 70°F and avoid drastic temperature swings that exacerbate condensation. Insulate any exposed framing to prevent cold surface sweating.

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Ongoing Maintenance Checks

Routinely inspect for any signs of moisture like peeling finishes, musty smells or corrosion around fasteners. Immediately address leaks at windows, flashings or penetrations. Keep gutters and drainage systems flowing properly. Check condition of vapor barriers, insulation and weather stripping when renovating.

With smart HVAC design, thorough air sealing, and routine upkeep, the metal construction of a barndominium kit can perform just as well moisture-wise as traditional wood framing. But staying vigilant both during build and through occupancy is key to avoid moisture pitfalls down the road.

Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
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