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Should You Install Wood Floors in Your Barndominium?

Should You Install Wood Floors in a Barndominium?

When planning interior finishes, most barndominium owners ponder installing hardwood planks to echo traditional home styles. And wood undeniably introduces natural warmth and depth impossible to replicate using resilient vinyls or polished concrete. So should barndominiums sport genuine oak, hickory, or walnut below foot? What factors determine suitability beyond the presumed vernacular vibe? Carefully weigh expectations against realities illuminating ideal flooring.


Matching Architectural Character

From a purely stylistic perspective for spaces celebrating pastoral legacy outright, reclaimed barnwoods, custom patterned hickories or rustic mountain laurel designs bridge old and new eras seamlessly underfoot. Intricate hardwood layouts inspire delightful ways to honor cultural heritage through upgraded materials beyond what original homesteaders ever utilized rustically. Lean into the wood for the personalized stamp.

Energy Efficiency Trade-Offs

Hard surfaces lose heat quicker than fabrics and textiles. Depending on climate and insulation strategies balancing shell protection, beautiful woods potentially struggle to perform consistently indoors here. Evaluate thermal factors like sun orientation, shading elements, and mechanical heating trade-offs to confirm selections sustain preferred comfort levels long-term during shoulder seasons, especially for renovated agricultural buildings lacking climate control refinements. Extra insulation may be needed for your barndominium flooring to retain heat better. 

Contending Moisture Inevitability

Unless installed atop properly sealed concrete substrates isolating potential humidity exposure from below or integrating materials in conditioned envelope assemblies controlling water movement above, organic materials eventually surrender battling moisture reacting openly through cupping, crowning, cracking, or buckling negatives over the years of shifting weather sieges. Assess risks realistically before assuming woods withstand all that well without some acclimation provisions.

Some real reasons why I would choose Quality Wood Floors over Carpet or vinyl flooring are simple, Carpet attracts dirt and I don’t care how good your Rainbow Vac is you leave a ton of dirt and hair and pet dander behind. Peace of mind is important as well, knowing you can have a clean floor is important to many people. below is a list of reasons to Go Wood over the alternative.

1. Durability – Quality hardwoods like oak and maple hold up better to heavy foot traffic over time without showing wear patterns like carpeting. Wood lasts for decades.

2. Easier Cleaning – Wood floors only need simple sweeping or damp mopping for maintenance, no intensive steam cleaning is required like for carpets harboring allergens and stains.

3. Healthier Air Quality – Unlike carpeting trapping dust, pollen, and pet dander, smooth wood doesn’t accumulate allergens and is better for indoor environment quality.

4. Style Choices – Wood floors come in a wider range of plank color variations, grains, and stains. From light to dark hues with grey undertones, varied wood visuals and textures beat basic vinyl looks.

5. Investment Value – Quality hardwood flooring offers one of the best resale values for homes. This makes wood a better long term upgrade over vinyl or builder-basic carpeting on investment expectations.


Overall wood floors provide better lifestyle quality through their durable cleanliness and breadth of customization options for your dream barndominium that amplify home beauty significantly over basic carpet or vinyl alternatives lacking unique character.


Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott is a freelance writer and researcher that has written hundreds of articles for online companies in the area of construction, design, finance and automotive. He's a Southern boy that enjoys creek fishing, hunting and camping. He's rarely seen without his trusted beagle hound "Scooter"
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