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The Most Affordable Places to Build a Barndominium in 2024

Where Are the Most Affordable States to Build a Barndominium?

Taking on a new Barndominium build is a major financial commitment. For those looking to get the most house for their dollar, the state where you decide to break ground can significantly sway overall affordability. Let’s explore which areas of the country currently offer the most budget-friendly conditions for constructing a new Barndominium.

The Midwest and South

Statistics show the most affordable states for building tend to be located in the Midwest and South regions. More rural areas here like Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas allow stretching your home construction dollars further compared to coastal urban regions.

Several factors contribute to lower costs:

– Less expensive land outside major metro areas
– Lower labor costs in non-union states
– Reduced materials transportation costs centrally located
– Incentives and tax breaks for new developments

Texas Remains a Top Choice for Builders

Texas continues holding its reputation as an affordable building state thanks to:
– Lack of state income tax
– Plentiful affordable land in central and southern areas
– Strong pro-growth policies attracting new developments
– Lower costs for materials and labor compared to the coasts

Consider Total Costs Too

While upfront construction costs are critical, don’t forget to factor long term costs like property taxes, insurance rates, and utility pricing which also vary greatly by state. Weigh total costs for the full financial picture of owning and maintaining the home for years to come.

Keep Rural Areas on Your Radar

Smaller communities and rural areas should not be overlooked when researching most affordable states for new construction. Regions like:

– The Dakotas
– Nebraska
– Kentucky
– Mississippi

Below is a list of Some of the Cheapest Cities in the U.S that are closer to civilization. 

– Cleveland, Ohio
– Memphis, Tennessee
– Tulsa, Oklahoma
– Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
– Indianapolis, Indiana
– Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
– Louisville, Kentucky
– Kansas City, Missouri
– Columbus, Ohio
– Raleigh, North Carolina
– San Antonio, Texas
– Dallas, Texas
– Houston, Texas
– Augusta, Georgia
– Birmingham, Alabama
– Little Rock, Arkansas
– Buffalo, New York
– Des Moines, Iowa
– Omaha, Nebraska
– Richmond, Virginia
– Jacksonville, Florida

When researching the most affordable cities and states for new construction, priorities are: low cost of living, affordable real estate, availability of land, lower taxes, utility costs and building labor. Opting for less populated metro areas in the Midwest, South and Southwest regions offer the biggest bang for your buck when planning a new build. Don’t overlook small towns and rural locations either!


With strategic research and planning, you can make your Barndo dollars stretch incredibly further by targeting the most affordable states and rural locations ideal for new construction projects. Just be sure to thoroughly compare all costs when selecting the optimal area for your budget.

Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott is a freelance writer and researcher that has written hundreds of articles for online companies in the area of construction, design, finance and automotive. He's a Southern boy that enjoys creek fishing, hunting and camping. He's rarely seen without his trusted beagle hound "Scooter"
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