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What Comes with a Barndominium Kit?

The trend of barndominiums is on the rise, and with this surge in popularity, the demand for barndominium kits has also increased. However, these kits vary significantly across providers. This rewrite focuses on the contents and features of BuildMax’s barndominium kits.

BuildMax offers comprehensive kits that include exterior and interior framing, windows, external doors, metal siding and roofing, along with garage doors according to the specific plan. However, garage door openers are not part of the package. These kits also provide a range of color choices for both siding and roofing.

white barndominium with 3 car garage

The windows provided in these kits are Pella 250 series, known for their robust, multi-chambered frames and fully welded sashes, enhancing both strength and thermal efficiency. Optional upgrades are available, such as metal-reinforced vinyl sashes for additional strength and wind resistance. These windows can be customized with or without grids and are available in black or white. For those concerned about fading, the Pella Impervia windows are a reliable choice, offering durable, stylish, and fade-resistant solutions.

BuildMax’s standard door offerings include Therma-Tru doors, which are a popular choice for their combination of durability and style. The standard package includes fiberglass doors that can be painted, but there’s also an option for woodgrain-stainable fiberglass doors. Additionally, customers can choose from a variety of garage doors supplied by C.H.I., although these do not include an opener and come in multiple colors.

When considering which kit to select, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of the two main types offered: Steel Kits and Stick Kits.

barndominium being built

Steel Kits:


   – Durability: Steel is long-lasting and resistant to pests, termites, and decay.

   – Fire Safety: Steel is non-combustible and withstands high temperatures better than many materials.

   – Resistance to Natural Disasters: Ideal for areas prone to natural hazards, steel can withstand high winds and other challenging conditions.

   – Quick Assembly: Steel kits are pre-engineered for fast installation.

   – Eco-Friendly: Steel is recyclable and can be reused, reducing environmental impact.

   – Cost-Efficiency: Over time, steel’s low maintenance requirements lead to savings.


   – Heat Transfer: Without proper insulation, steel can heat up quickly.

   – Limited Builder Availability: Finding builders experienced in steel construction can be challenging.

barndominium being built

Stick Kits:


   – Design Flexibility: Wood frames are easier to modify during construction.

   – Natural Insulation: Wood provides better insulation, leading to energy savings.

   – Sustainability: Ethically sourced wood is an environmentally friendly option.

   – Availability of Expertise: More contractors are familiar with wood construction.


   – Maintenance: Wood requires more upkeep to prevent rot, pests, and mold.

   – Structural Risks: Susceptible to termites, rot, and mold.

   – Fire Hazard: Wood is a combustible material, posing a higher fire risk.

In conclusion, while both types of kits have their advantages, steel kits stand out for their durability, cost-effectiveness, and low maintenance. Regardless of the choice, BuildMax ensures high-quality, durable products built to last.

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Brianna Euler
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