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Why Your Steel Barndominium is Actually Safe from Lightning Strikes

Why Barndominiums Easily Withstand Lightning Strikes

Frequent electrical storms in rural barndominium locales mean lightning poses an inevitable seasonal threat. Yet counter to assumptions, steel construction proves profoundly minimally impacted by direct bolt jolts. In fact properly built metal barndominiums often experience strikes without structural or fire consequences thanks to innate properties that actually can deter lightning as well.

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Metal Buildings = Electrical Grounding

Lightning rods rely on conductive metal to safely reroute wayward energetic charges away from vulnerable structures. Steel barndos essentially function as oversized integrated lightning rods with miles of interconnected rebar and metal framework completing continuous electrical pathways into the earth for dispersion. This prevents risks of destructive sparks and fire that devastate less-conductive buildings.


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Minimal Storm Attraction

Surprisingly, metal buildings attract significantly fewer electrical strikes than homes or occupied barns containing hay, lumber and equipment. With under 5% of reported property lightning strikes according to insurance data, bolts tend to seek out taller isolated objects to use minimal resistance pathways to earth instead. So adjacent trees or utility poles pose greater attraction versus integrated Barndominiums offering conduits.

Added Electrical Protection

Quality barndominium construction also incorporates serious surge protection systems including transient voltage surge suppressors and lightning arrestors on main electrical panels. This regulates wayward electrical overload avoiding blown circuits or electrical fires. Such precautions combined with steel’s innate dissipative traits mean strikes scarcely affect metal structures or occupants inside.

Steel framing packaged and ready for delivery

Buildmax Floor Plans & Steel Kits

In addition to their floor plan design mastery, Buildmax provides complete structural steel barndo kits containing frames, roofing and supplementary materials ready for straightforward assembly. This convenient pairing of quality Barndominium Floor Plans with coordinating Quality Steel building components streamlines constructing even elaborately customized barndominiums.

While metal framework can safely redirect fierce lightning strikes through principals of electrical grounding, quality barndominium builds include many reassuring layers of protective redundancy. This keeps barn dwellers, livestock and valuables shielded from the adverse impacts of intense storm electrical discharges.

Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
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