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4 Inviting Holiday Home Inspirations

Hello Sweet Friends,

Today, I want to talk about holiday entertaining! Okay! I could spend hours on this subject but not today! Is it just me or do you begin planning an event or gathering the moment you know you are going to have one? Seriously, it could be 6 months away, and I still can’t wait to start planning my color scheme, how I would like it to look (in my mind), and what kind of atmosphere I would like to set for the mood of the event. Questions to begin to ask yourself, would be, would I like a quiet and formal meal with friends? Would I want music playing softly in the background as my guests have conversations? This forward planning really helps when you have first time guests. Just think about the first time you go to someone’s home for a get-together and how it can get a little awkward when things get quiet. When planning your meal, know your guest’s food likes and dislikes, and always ask about food allergies. This helps if you need to prepare food in advance. I am not a, wait until the last- minute kind of girl, just saying. And for crying out loud people, every home should have Benadryl in the medicine cabinet! God forbid, someone comes to your house for a holiday party and has an allergic reaction to the cinnamon sticks! Not in my house, ya’ll!  

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A nice southern welcome. From the moment guests arrive until they walk out the door, I like to make them feel as special as they truly are. They should experience a warm and inviting welcome and it all begins at your front door. No matter if you live in a large two-story farmhouse, a barndominium or a tiny home, you can be an amazing host. You see, I’m a southern girl, and southern girls do it up right! I know that y’all know what I mean! And don’t get me wrong, not everyone in the south uses the phrase y’all but I sure use it, a lot!

front porch

Front porch, first impressions. Decorating your front porch and your door doesn’t have to break the bank. A simple way to begin is by putting a cute rug at your front door. I like laying down an oversized rug down first at the front door and then layering. You can even add a smaller doormat with a message on it to celebrate the occasion; but layering makes a statement. I don’t see many of my friends layering their front porch rugs but when they see mine, they usually say, “I would have never thought to do that!” A simple “Welcome” or “Hello” message mat will do just fine for the top. Just make sure the bottom rug is big enough to add a few layers on top. Throw some pillows on your porch swing or in your chairs and add a throw blanket in a basket. You should even hang a throw on the back of your swing; these are simple and thoughtful things you can do for guests because it’s the little things that make a big impression on your guests. Think about the weather, the time of day, and the season; trust me if it’s winter, you won’t find me outside on the porch!

fresh flowers in kitchen island

It’s all in the vibes. I love to add fresh flowers in my home or greenery to my front door basket, it brings a bit of the outdoors inside. Here’s a secret for you, just before guests arrive, I add a touch of room spray to my front door hanging basket; essential oil blends work well too and are half the cost of room spray! So, when my guests open the front door, (because guests let themselves in, around here) the breeze pulls scent right into your home, giving them that welcoming aroma that they will associate with your house. It is a proven fact that certain smells trigger that “feel good” emotion in people’s bodies and I always want my guests to have that good feeling of comfort when they step foot through my door!

kitchen island

Press the breaks, Becky! The next advice that I can give is not to overdo it, be yourself! I have gone into homes before where everything was just so overdone, it immediately made me feel uncomfortable and overwhelmed. That was not how I wanted to feel, so reflect on times when you felt uncomfortable and what made you feel that way.Nothing is more uncomfortable than walking into someone’s home just to be asked to turn around and take your shoes off. Eeek. Comfortable seating and laughter are pretty much all you need, that is what makes the best memories! And if something strange happens, like someone sits down and breaks your chair (this really happened to me, true story) brush it off and let them know, its replaceable! I hope you found these ideas helpful, and you can add some of my tips to your next holiday gathering!

Happy Entertaining Sweet Friends,

Be blessed!

Arlene Golladay
Arlene's home has captured the hearts of thousands of followers around the world as she shares the cozy cottage farmhouse her and her husband built themselves.
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