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How to find honey hole antique shops to decorate your barndominium

Good Morning Sweet Friends,

It’s a cool October morning here in Kentucky. While I sit here at my desk drinking my coffee out of my Rosemary Beach coffee mug, I am reminded of early mornings driving around to my favorite places to look for hidden treasures. For the most part like everyone else, it’s the thrill of the find. Sometimes, okay, a lot of the time, when I am out, I find things that intrigue my interest, and they end up coming home with me. There are days when I go out on a mission, looking for that specific antique piece I’ve been on the prowl for, like a vintage mirror. I am usually fairly particular about what I am looking for so I can’t stop looking until I find that one thing that is simply perfect, which is how I have been able to find my honey holes.

Where to look for Honey Holes?

Here it goes, but please don’t judge me. I will grab my purse and head out with a set amount of money in mind, and somehow, I always go over budget. Junking is my favorite thing to do. It’s like a rush to me. You know, digging through piles of stuff to see what you can find! There is a place near me called Grandma’s Attic. Since the Covid19 pandemic, she has not been open and that just breaks my heart. This lady has an old house piled sky high with all kinds of vintage finds. You can make an offer on anything and most-of-the-time you can get a fantastic deal.

Goodwill is another place to find pieces of dishes or whatever you are on the hunt for, believe it or not. I have about ten stores within forty miles of where I live. My husband and I will take one day out of the month and hit all of them. If one doesn’t have anything we just go to the next one. This is where I found my antique jelly cabinet for $20 dollars! So, don’t think that just because it isn’t an antique shop that you won’t find something really special!

Peddler Malls are another honey hole. For those of you who don’t know, here in the country we have thrift store malls. Yes, ma’am! It is a warehouse that is filled with booths that anyone can rent out for a set price each month. You can actually call the owner of the rental booth that you find your items in and get a better deal. I have found, if they are wanting to make a sale, they will work with you! I have found all sorts of valuable items in the local peddler mall for 50%-75% cheaper than antique store pricing!

No matter where you go, always barter with the vendors. If you can’t strike a good deal, they will usually give you 10% off or you can walk away from the sale, and I have no problem with doing that. I have found that I will find exactly what I want somewhere else or on a day when I am not looking for that particular item, I end up finding it. Patience is key to finding the good stuff!


Consignment shops are in every small town in the United States. If you are from out of town, pull up google maps and search for consignment shops near me. You might end up finding a honey hole of your own.

Yard sales, and estate sales are also amazing places to hit! I mark my calendar every year for the famous 127-mile yard sale that runs down a rural highway near where I live. We pack up for a day trip and pull an empty trailer behind the truck and spend an entire day out on a rural stretch of highway, picking through miles of yard sales! People collect all kinds of things in a lifetime. Some things will surprise you and some have even shocked me! So many times, I have found that people don’t realize that what they consider junk is really treasure for an antique collector.

Flea Markets are neat places as well; a lot of walking is involved, but well worth it. We have found so many cool items at flea markets, and for a great price you can leave with a basket full of finds. I hope you have found these ideas to find honey holes near you to be helpful. Use the comments section to share your honey hole ideas as well.

Decorating a barndominium is easy when you know what style you like. If you plan to decorate your barndo with a vintage vibe then you have to find a honey hole. Farmhouse barndominiums typically have lots of shiplap and woods and whites décor. Antiques are perfect for this look. I like to combine new items and old items together to create my own style. 

Below you will find a list of some specific places I go for great finds, near me!

Happy Hunting Sweet Friends and be blessed!




Some of my favorite honey holesThe Rusty Rooster, Bardstown. KY; Somewhere In Time & The Red Brick Cottage, Radcliff. KY; The Side Tacks, Benny’s Barn, The Green Top, Glendale. KY  


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Arlene Golladay
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