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6 Tips To A Dreamy Space

**WALLS: The Art of Transforming Your Space with Color**

Let’s dive deep into the captivating realm of interior design, where the choice of wall colors can wield a profound influence over our living environments. While my heart finds solace in the soothing embrace of soft white hues adorning my walls, I understand that not everyone shares this affection. Interior design is, fundamentally, a personal odyssey—a canvas upon which you can paint your unique preferences, invoking emotions that resonate deeply with your being.

In the pursuit of crafting the perfect ambiance, it is imperative to discern what truly kindles that warm, fuzzy sensation within you and what visually enchants your senses. There exists no universal blueprint; it’s about fashioning a space that speaks directly to your soul.

For me, the essence of home radiates tranquility, cleanliness, and warmth, reminiscent of a rustic cottage farmhouse. To bring this vision to life, I opted for Behr Premium Plus paint and primer in one for my walls and ceiling. This choice, besides ensuring a flawless finish, minimizes any unpleasant odors that could disrupt the serenity of my sanctuary.

If you’re curious about the exact shade I employed, you’ll find the color code conveniently located in the Highlights section of my Instagram account, @Farmhouse2020. Even more astonishing, you can take this code to any Home Depot, where they will expertly replicate the color for you. This eliminates the guesswork entirely, ensuring that your chosen hue seamlessly envelops your walls.

Now, I’m intrigued—what’s your favorite paint color, one that resonates with your unique style and comfort? Share your thoughts as we continue our exploration of the fascinating world of interior design.


**Floors: The Bold Choice of Dreamy White Flooring**

I know, you might think I’m a bit daring! But during the construction of our home, I had already envisioned the allure of dreamy white floors. Now, conceptualizing this idea was the easy part, but persuading my husband to embark on this journey was an entirely different feat. With four spirited grandkids, two playful grand pups, and the notorious Kentucky clay mud, not to mention the nearby muddy creek, my husband initially regarded this notion as an absolute no-go.However, a picture can be worth a thousand words. I showed him an image of what my dream space would look like, and like a sailor setting sail towards an uncharted island, he enthusiastically jumped aboard my dream boat. Together, we embarked on a quest to find the perfect white floor paint, a decision that filled us with both anticipation and uncertainty.

Now, more than a year later, I can confidently affirm that it was the right choice. I am head over heels in love with my dreamy white floors. These, too, are a Behr product, and the exact color code can be found on our Instagram account, @Farmhouse2020, simplifying the process of replicating the look in your own space.

However, a word of wisdom for those embarking on their flooring journey: paint can manifest differently under varying lighting conditions. To ensure your chosen shade aligns perfectly with your vision, I recommend obtaining a sample and testing it in both natural and artificial lighting. This precautionary step can prevent you from investing in five gallons of costly paint that might not align with your dream aesthetic.

So, I’m curious—what’s your favorite flooring choice, and what design dreams do you harbor for your living space?

**Woods: The Timeless Marriage of Wood and Whites**

The fusion of woods and whites has always held a special place in my heart. There’s an ineffable charm in the sight of an aged, weathered ladder leaning against a soft white wall—it beckons the eye with an irresistible allure, commanding attention without hesitation.

Incorporating wood into every room of my home has been a conscious choice, albeit with caution. Balancing various wood tones is crucial to maintaining harmony within the space. I find joy in adorning my walls with vintage wooden pieces, such as old masonry trowels that once spread concrete. Each piece carries a story, a connection to the hands that used them, and they serve as captivating conversation starters.

Another striking aesthetic choice is to incorporate old corbels or columns from the front porch of bygone-era houses. These architectural relics infuse your walls with character and texture. Simplicity can also work wonders—a wooden bowl filled with verdant greenery and a scented candle can transform your space.

Ultimately, your home should be a reflection of who you are. Do you have a favorite wood piece that adds a touch of timeless elegance to your abode?

One of my cherished design strategies involves adorning my walls with vintage wooden pieces that tell stories of their past lives. Take, for instance, old wooden masonry trowels, entryway

Another design choice I find truly captivating is incorporating old corbels or columns from the front porches of historic homes. These architectural remnants infuse a sense of history and dimension into my space. Sometimes, the simplest additions, such as placing a wooden bowl filled with lush greenery and a scented candle on the table, can create a striking visual impact.

Above all, your home should be a reflection of your unique identity and preferences. Do you have a favorite wooden piece that imbues your space with character and timeless elegance?

**Greenery: Breathing Life into Your Home**

Every home should be graced with the presence of greenery, for it breathes life into our living spaces, bridging the gap between the outdoors and indoors. In my own home, I’ve integrated greenery in various forms, each offering its own unique charm.

For instance, fresh rosemary and dill are constants in my cooking, and I make an effort to have them on my kitchen counter year-round. The aromatic blend of these herbs infuses my soups and steaks with an irresistible flavor, elevating everyday meals to a delightful culinary experience.

The snake plant stands as another beloved addition to my home’s green ensemble. With its numerous species and varieties, this plant offers tall, striking spires that can add height and drama to a table or any area in need of an aesthetic boost. A dash of green color can work wonders in filling void spaces and revitalizing a room.

I gravitate toward low-maintenance plants, those that require minimal fuss. If you find your home lacking in greenery, consider reaching out to friends who might generously share cuttings from their own plants. Before long, your home will flourish with lush green foliage, providing a sense of vitality and motivation, especially during those long winter months when we yearn for sunny days. What’s your favorite plant, one that brings your living space to life with its natural charm?

**Focal Piece: Elevating Your Home’s Story

Do you have a penchant for collecting old vintage pieces? Well, I’m wholeheartedly on board with that sentiment! In my view, every home should possess at least one captivating focal piece within each room—a treasure that beckons attention and weaves a compelling narrative.

Consider the allure of an antique armoire, brimming with fascinating books you’ve pored over, each one a testament to your intellectual journey. Or perhaps, it’s a vintage trunk, laden with a rich tapestry of old linens and quilts, each imbued with history and memories that span a lifetime. Rare family heirlooms passed down through generations can also assume this role, infusing your living space with the echoes of bygone eras.

In my own home, I’m the proud custodian of an old vintage refrigerator, thoughtfully gifted to me by a dear friend. This refrigerator serves as a sanctuary for my cherished Jadite dish collection. Though the dishes remain concealed behind closed doors, I delight in unveiling them when I have visitors. This unveiling ritual sparks wonderful dinner conversations, especially when I have the pleasure of serving my dear friends using these precious pieces.

I firmly believe that collecting isn’t merely about amassing objects; it’s about sharing the essence of these special finds with those around you and the people you hold dear. The joy lies not only in the discovery but in the art of storytelling that accompanies each piece.

So, do you have a special treasure you fervently hunt for, one that resonates with your soul and enriches your home’s narrative?

Lighting: Illuminating Your Living Space

In my experience, lighting plays an outsized role in defining the ambiance of your home. While natural light filtering through windows is unparalleled in its beauty, not all of us are blessed with vast, picturesque windows. In the case of my tiny cottage farmhouse, despite having sizable windows, they failed to deliver the luminosity we sought.

Our solution was to install can lights throughout our home, a strategic choice that has transformed our living space. We opted for 4000k daylight bulbs, and the difference in brightness and clarity is remarkable. These bulbs infuse our home with a radiant glow, brightening up even the dimmest corners.

Today, the realm of lighting design offers boundless creative possibilities. You can explore options like under-counter lighting, which adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen, or illuminate dark hallway closets, cabinets, or linen closets for added functionality. However, for a truly dreamy atmosphere, give me a sunlit space adorned with plush, inviting pillows.

Another ingenious lighting hack is the strategic use of mirrors on your walls. Mirrors have the magical ability to reflect light, rendering small spaces brighter and more expansive. This can be a game-changer for those seeking to make the most of limited square footage.

So, I’m curious—what’s your favorite illuminated space in your home, and how have you harnessed the power of lighting to craft your ideal ambiance?

A BuildMax consultant would be happy to go over your plans for your future home with you. you may feel better once you start planning and getting ideas out on paper. 

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