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Adding a Safe-Room To Your Barndominium Plans

throughout this article we attempt to discuss the benefits of incorporating safe rooms into barndominium floorplans and how they can serve alternate purposes aside from their initial intended purpose:

white barndominium with 3 car garage

Safe Room Sanctuaries – Secured Barndominium Spaces With Creative Purpose

Given barndominiums’ remote rural settings, building owners increasingly prioritize fortified “safe rooms” inside floorplans shielding inhabitants during extreme weather or security threats. Much like residential pandemic-era home gyms, these sturdy inner sanctuaries serve everyday purposes too when not protecting lives!

People who may benefit greatly from a safe room are:

– Families with kids and elderly unable to urgently evacuate storm paths

– Owners in tornado-prone plains or hurricane-vulnerable coastal locales

– Properties lacking quick emergency first-responder access

– Anyone prioritizing highest home insurance discounts

Recommended as windowless, interior secured rooms of at least 75 square feet minimum, common safe room design options range from standalone basement spaces to thick-reinforced master suite baths. Ideal areas limit exterior wall exposure. Robust building techniques resist damage above normal codes using reinforced CMU block, resilient metal framing and dense concrete encasement. A steel door with deadbolt seals the cocoon.

Repurposed daily for adaptive spaces like music studios, home gyms or cozy reading nooks, safe rooms slot multiple functions into needed security by stocking creative amenities alongside emergency provisions for those “just-in-case” unforeseen events. Recessed wall storage hides folded-up yoga mats or acoustic foam panels when not harboring jugs of drinking water and disaster radios.

barndominium interior

your Barndominiums safe room doesn’t have to look like or mimic a prison cell or a WW2 war time bunker your Safe room can absolutely double as other rooms, Here are some other potential uses for a safe room or panic room beyond just an emergency shelter stocked with provisions:

– Home office – With lockable security, thick walls limiting noise, and often minimal windows, safe rooms work well as private home office spaces.

– Home theater – Install a large screen TV and theater seating with surround sound to convert the secure space into an immersive, distraction-free media room.

– Indoor play room – Protect kids from harm and house from damage by dedicating the tough safe room materials to withstand their rough play.


– Sound studio – Musicians often construct studios around windowless spaces with noise buffering walls and doors, well-suited to safe rooms.

– Art studio/Craft room – The rooms offer security for valuable works in progress and lockable storage for equipment when artists aren’t actively creating.

– Yoga/fitness studio – Provide floor padding, mirrors, and equipment like treadmills or training gear to establish a private gym or yoga sanctum.

– Wine cellar/collections room – Insulated solid construction protects fine wines and shields valuables like art, stamp or coin collections.

small grey barndominium

In today’s unpredictable age, versatile safe spaces proactively restore control, providing household confidence. And peace of mind never goes out of style at home on the range.


Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
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