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Addressing The Top Fears Associated With Building Your Own Barndominium

Building a barndominium, a combination of “barn styling and the modern amenities of a condominium, allows for a unique approach to residential and sometimes commercial construction, combining the aesthetic and spatial advantages of a barn structure with the comforts and functionalities of a conventional home. Despite the growing popularity of barndominiums for their cost-effectiveness, customization possibilities, and quick construction times, potential builders often face several fears and concerns. This article explores the top fears associated with building a barndominium and offers insights into how these concerns can be addressed.

Fear 1: Financing and Budgeting Challenges

One of the primary fears prospective builders face is related to financing and budgeting. Traditional lenders may be less familiar with Steel Frame barndominiums compared to standard homes, potentially making it more challenging to secure financing. Additionally, unexpected costs and budget overruns can cause anxiety for individuals not experienced in construction projects.

1. Limited Understanding and Acceptance by Lenders

One of the main challenges stems from the fact that not all lenders are familiar with barndominiums or comfortable financing them. Since barndominiums can sometimes fall into a gray area between residential and agricultural or commercial properties, lenders may be hesitant due to uncertainties about how to classify these buildings for loan purposes.

2. Appraisal Difficulties

Appraising a barndominium can be more complex than appraising a traditional house. Comparable sales (comps) are an essential part of the appraisal process, but finding similar properties in the area can be difficult if barndominiums are not common. This can lead to appraisal issues that complicate the loan approval process.

3. Construction Loan Challenges

Many barndominiums are built using construction loans that convert to a mortgage upon completion of the build. However, securing a construction loan for a barndominium can be more challenging than for a standard home. Lenders may require more detailed plans, a larger down payment, and proof of a well-thought-out budget due to the perceived increased risk of these projects.  Due to the perceived risks associated with financing non-traditional homes, lenders may require higher down payments for barndominiums. This can be a significant barrier for some buyers, who may need to secure upwards of 20% to 30% of the total project cost as a down payment.

**Addressing the Fear**: To mitigate these concerns, prospective builders should engage with lenders early in the process to discuss financing options specifically for barndominiums. Thoroughly researching and selecting a contractor with experience in barndominium projects can also help provide a realistic budget and minimize unexpected expenses.


Fear 2: Zoning and Permitting Issues

Zoning laws and permitting requirements can vary significantly by location and may not always favor the unique nature of barndominiums. Potential builders often worry about navigating these regulations and the possibility of facing obstacles that could delay or even prevent their project from moving forward.

1. Zoning Restrictions

Many areas have strict zoning laws that dictate what type of structure can be built on a given piece of land. Barndominiums, often built on agricultural or rural zoned land, may not always align neatly with local definitions of residential, commercial, or agricultural buildings. This can result in challenges obtaining permission to build a barndominium intended for residential use in areas zoned for agriculture or vice versa.

2. Building Codes and Compliance

Building codes are designed primarily with traditional residential and commercial structures in mind. Barndominiums, which may incorporate elements of both, can sometimes fall into a gray area regarding which codes and standards apply. Ensuring compliance with local building codes while maintaining the desired functionality and aesthetics of a barndominium can be challenging.

3. Permitting Process

The permitting process for barndominiums can be more complicated and time-consuming than for traditional homes. This is partly due to the need for detailed plans that satisfy the unique aspects of barndominium construction, including structural integrity, utility installation, and livability standards. The process can be further complicated by the need for septic, well, or environmental impact permits, depending on the location.

**Addressing the Fear**: The key to overcoming this challenge is early research and dialogue with local zoning and permitting offices. Understanding the specific requirements and restrictions of the area where the barndominium is to be built can help identify potential hurdles early in the planning stage

  • Early Research and Engagement: Before purchasing land or starting your design, research the local zoning laws and engage with the local planning and zoning department to understand the possibilities and limitations for your project.
  • Professional Help: Consider hiring a professional, such as a land use attorney or a planning consultant, who is familiar with the local regulations and can help navigate the zoning and permitting process.
  • Detailed Plans: Provide detailed, professional plans that clearly outline the intended use, structural details, and compliance with local codes. This can help alleviate concerns from zoning and permitting authorities.
  • Community Engagement: In some cases, it may be necessary to seek a variance or a change in zoning. Engaging with the community and attending zoning board meetings can be beneficial in securing support for your project.
  • Flexibility: Be prepared to adjust your plans according to the feedback from zoning and building departments. Flexibility can be key to overcoming hurdles and moving your project forward.
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Fear 3: Barndominium Resale Concerns

Some individuals fear that the unique characteristics of a barndominium might not appeal to a broad market, potentially affecting its resale value. This concern is particularly pronounced in areas where barndominiums are less common.

Barndominiums, while increasingly popular for their customizability, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal, can sometimes face challenges in the resale market. These challenges are often due to potential buyers’ unfamiliarity with barndominiums, limited financing options, or concerns about the quality and functionality of these unique properties. However, with strategic planning and attention to detail, it’s possible to address these concerns effectively. Here are some common resale concerns for barndominiums, along with solutions to enhance their marketability:

Resell Concerns

1. Limited Buyer Pool
Barndominiums may appeal to a niche market, potentially limiting the number of interested buyers. Their unique style, rural location, or the concept itself might not attract traditional homebuyers.

2. Financing Challenges for Buyers
Just as builders may face financing hurdles, potential buyers might also encounter difficulties securing a mortgage for a barndominium due to lenders’ unfamiliarity with these properties or hesitation to finance non-traditional homes.

3. Perception of Quality
Some buyers may have concerns about the quality and durability of barndominiums, especially if they are not familiar with the construction methods and materials used in these types of homes.

4. Customization vs. Broad Appeal
While customization is one of the barndominium’s most significant selling points, highly personalized designs may not appeal to the broader market, potentially making resale more challenging.

Solutions to Enhance Resale Value

1. Market the Benefits
Highlight the unique benefits of barndominium living, such as energy efficiency, low maintenance, and the potential for open, spacious floor plans. Emphasizing these features can attract buyers interested in these benefits.

2. Focus on Quality Construction
Ensure that the barndominium is built to high standards using quality materials. Providing documentation of the construction process, materials used, and any warranties can help alleviate concerns about quality and durability.

3. Professional Appraisal and Marketing
Invest in a professional appraisal to help establish the value of the barndominium, taking into account its unique features and comparable properties where possible. A skilled real estate agent familiar with marketing barndominiums can target the right buyers and highlight the property’s best features.

4. Educate Potential Buyers
Provide potential buyers with information about barndominium living, including the benefits of steel construction (if applicable), efficiency, and lifestyle advantages. Educating buyers can help overcome any preconceptions and showcase the value of the property.

5. Highlight Location and Land
If the barndominium comes with acreage or is in a desirable location, make sure to highlight these features. The appeal of land and location can sometimes outweigh buyer hesitation about the property type.

By addressing these concerns and strategically planning for resale, owners can enhance the appeal and marketability of their barndominiums. Focusing on quality, marketable design choices, and effective marketing can help ensure that when the time comes, the barndominium appeals to a wide range of potential buyers, facilitating a smoother resale process.

**Addressing the Fear**: To enhance the resale value, builders should focus on timeless design elements and high-quality construction materials. Additionally, choosing a location where barndominiums are becoming more accepted or sought after can also help mitigate this concern.

Fear 4: Energy Efficiency and Insulation

Prospective builders often worry about the energy efficiency of a barndominium, especially those with large, open spaces that could be challenging to heat or cool efficiently. Concerns about proper insulation and the potential for higher energy costs are common.

**Addressing the Fear**: Engaging with architects and contractors experienced in barndominium construction can ensure that the design incorporates energy-efficient features, such as high-quality insulation, energy-efficient windows, and HVAC systems designed for the unique layout of the building.

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Fear 5: Customization Limitations

While barndominiums are celebrated for their customization possibilities, potential builders may fear that their vision cannot be fully realized due to structural or design limitations. This concern is often rooted in a lack of information about what can be achieved with a barndominium.

**Addressing the Fear**: Collaborating with a design team experienced in barndominium projects can help alleviate these concerns. A skilled team can provide creative solutions to incorporate desired features and functionalities, demonstrating the extensive customization possibilities of barndominiums.


Fear 6: Long-Term Durability and Maintenance

Questions about the long-term durability of barndominiums compared to traditional homes can also be a source of anxiety. Potential builders may worry about the maintenance required to keep a barndominium in good condition over the years.

**Addressing the Fear**: Choosing durable materials and construction methods is key to ensuring the long-term durability of a barndominium. Regular maintenance, similar to any home, is essential, but with quality construction, a barndominium can be as durable and low-maintenance as any conventional house.

Fear 7: Lack of Expertise Among Contractors

Finding contractors with experience in building barndominiums can be a challenge in some areas, leading to fears about the project’s success. The concern is that a lack of expertise could result in construction errors or inefficiencies.

**Addressing the Fear**: Prospective builders should seek out contractors who have specific experience with barndominiums or similar structures. Checking references and reviewing previous projects can help ensure the selected contractor has the necessary expertise.


While the fears associated with building a barndominium are valid, thorough research, careful planning, and collaboration with experienced professionals can address these concerns. With the right approach, building a barndominium can be a rewarding project that results in a customized, efficient, and durable home tailored to the owner’s needs and preferences. The journey to constructing a barndominium involves overcoming challenges, but the end product often justifies the effort, offering a unique living space that combines functionality with personal style.

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Aaron Scott
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