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Barndominium Hotspots!

The hottest places in the nation to build a barndominium might surprise you! You could be living in a barndominium hotspot and not even realize it. I’ve done a little market research to see where in the United States barndominiums are trending at the highest rates, and I was somewhat shocked myself. It seems like from the rough data that barndominiums are trending all over the US in high numbers but the highest are consistently seen in states such as  Wyoming, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, & New Mexico states with wide expansive geography and massive rural landscapes. The barndominium trend seems very strong in the west and the midwest going into 2022. The southern United States has also seen an incredible uptick in barndominium builds, with Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama leading the pack down south as far as houses on the ground. When choosing the right place to build it comes down to personal preference and what is best suited for your family’s needs, the barndominium itself is suited for just about any environment no matter if you decide to build with steel, wood, or insulated concrete forms as your building material, it will perform as any other house would. Some areas may require additional insulation or heated flooring options if the cold is too extreme in the winter. 

The hottest places in the United States to build a barndominium has to begin with Austin Texas. the artistic scene in Austin is booming, as it has been for the last 10 yrs. Austin Texas provides you with the support and the freedom to create something unique to you. Having an artistic kind of outlook and mindset on a build undoubtedly allows for a lifestyle that encourages the cultivation of novel ideas and that’s not only important to your build but also to your overall health and wellbeing. People often tend to build their barndominiums near a body of water. Fishing creeks are plentiful all over the state of texas and snake all across the southland. I’ve seen barndominiums built along the shores of a lake, small flowing brooks, rivers, even right on the coast with the ocean as your backyard! whatever you like, the best water is probably the most popular geographical feature people gravitate towards when building their barndominium. The sounds of the water can be ultra-relaxing and therapeutic, especially after a long day at work. Allowing yourself to unwind on your porch with the sound of water in the background is very satisfying. I can totally understand the attraction to the water.

If views are more your thing then our next trend will sweep you away, I’m talking about Mountain views, colorado has some of the best most spectacular views of the Rockies and people have been building there for centuries just for the views provided by this unique landscape. I just returned from a holiday vacation in the great smoky mountains. One thing I noticed with the recent developments in the area was obviously way more barndominiums. More than I’ve ever seen in the area before. Having mountain views can increase the resale value of your home, especially if you take the view into account from day one of the builds and build your barndominium around the environment giving you the best views you can get out of your property. We have amazing mountains in the united states from the Eastern Appalachian mountains that stretch from Georgia all the way up through Virginia and all the way into Maine. Then you have the rocky mountains out west in Colorado that stretch into Canada. The superstition mountains down in the southwest United States sit in the arid climate of Arizona, as well as plenty smaller mountain ranges up north and throughout the midwest, with a healthy amount of populated towns mixed in with rural backcountry seriously spectacular places to build barndominiums. 

Over the past few years, and especially since the pandemic has kicked in full force, there has been a major migration of families leaving major cities and looking to settle in more rural areas of the country. Space and personal freedom is becoming more and more important to young families, with more and more companies now offering work from home positions it has made it possible to leave some of these big cities in search of a simpler slower paced lifestyle by building the perfect barndominium far away from skyscrapers and constant noise.

Many people are traveling in RVs and campers with their work-at-home jobs, but eventually, those people will want to find a place to settle down and stay. Building a small economical barndominium can be a great option for work-at-home travelers who wander upon the perfect place to put down roots and start a life. There are many small beautiful tracts of land to be bought bordering many national and state forests. This will allow you to have the beauty and resources of the national forest right in your backyard. Many times Ranchers will purchase hundreds of acres around national parks for their cattle to graze throughout the year, if you get in contact with some of these owners of large swaths of farmland they will sometimes be willing to sell you a 10-acre plot to build on, you can buy certain apps for your phone like (O X hunt) and others that will allow you to see on an interactive map exactly who owns what property in a given area, allowing you to gain contact information for landowners fairly easy if you know how to go about it, this can be an invaluable tool even if your not looking at buying property, you can gain a lot of information on the area your building just by seeing who owns the property and where the property lines begin and end.

Rural developments can be tricky depending on how rural the good thing is generally speaking you will have much less restrictions and codes to watch out for during your build in rural areas, you won’t have to worry about hitting a gas line digging, in some cases you won’t need any special permits to even dig or start building. It all depends on how rural the county is and what kind of building codes they have in place this is all easy information to find at the local city hall, court house, building office, planning and zoning maybe. To what extent you will have to comply will all depend on the resources put in place by the county government of whatever area you plan on building in. My advice would be to take your time, don’t make any rash decisions and pick a place that everyone in the family loves, maybe even go as far as to rent a place to stay in the area for a few weeks to get a solid feel of the town, geography, weather, animals and anything else you may have missed on your shorter visits.  


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Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott is a freelance writer and researcher that has written hundreds of articles for online companies in the area of construction, design, finance and automotive. He's a Southern boy that enjoys creek fishing, hunting and camping. He's rarely seen without his trusted beagle hound "Scooter"
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