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Barndominium kit prices & what to expect!

I’ve noticed lately that most of the people that I speak with who have been dreaming and planning to build their own barndominium generally have unrealistic expectations when it comes to purchasing a kit barndominium. I’m mainly speaking of the everyday American who has a minimal construction background but dreams of building their own barndominium.  Somewhere along the line people are misunderstanding the process, or exactly what it is they are buying. In this article, I hope to go over what to realistically expect when buying a barndominium kit; what that process looks like, a realistic time frame, and realistically what to expect regarding barndominium kit pricing. What price is a good price?  In the hypersonic internet age that we now live in people expect to be able to log onto their computer, and buy a barndominium kit online that will come in the mail in 10 business days. While this isn’t exactly the case, it’s honestly not far off from the truth, well… for the most part. Granted you may find some companies out there who sell their specific kit and nothing else. If you want exactly what their kit offers without changing a thing, and you love it just the way it is on paper,  that may be the route for you. It will most certainly be the cheapest option by a long shot. 

Generally speaking, the process takes a little more attention to detail and planning, especially if you want an actual barndominium kit based on real home plans. The industry has had to adapt how it sells kit homes to an online market in recent years. Buildmax has taken its awesome barndominium plans & designs and adapted them for cold-formed steel barndominium kits. What this means for you is that you can choose the barndominium plan of your dreams on Buildmax’s website and work with their designers to modify that plan for your family’s specific needs. Then, when the modifications are complete, the kit is ready to be manufactured and shipped. It’s as simple as that. This process doesn’t happen overnight like some customers would like; knowing what to expect in regards to a timeline and the manufacturing of the cold-formed steel kits will save you from wondering what is going on with your kit. I like to also remember and recognize that there are a lot of technical skills involved in drafting plans and even more technical skills involved in manufacturing the metal framing for your kit. These are not at all processes you want to rush. It’s extremely important that the workers take their time doing their specific job as well as inspecting each piece for imperfections as it’s coming out of these monstrous metal clamshell-like presses that form the steel into shape. Even at this rate, cold form steel manufacturing is still much faster than alternatives like red iron steel building kits, which take much more time to produce and will use much more metal in the manufacturing process just due to the size and thickness of red iron steel in general. As far as time frames are concerned, everything obviously depends on many factors but in general terms, Buildmax can have one of their barndominium house plans, modified or stock and have those house plans manufactured into a steel barndominium kit, inspected, wrapped, loaded, and ready for delivery in 6 weeks or less, which is pretty mind-boggling even in the world of construction where processes tend to move fairly quickly completing one task and moving on to the next in order to complete a job.

Pricing out a steel barndominium kit can be very complicated, lucky for everyone Buildmax has developed a process that makes getting an accurate quote priced out based on current market prices. Buildmax will use your house plans to calculate and determine what metal framing components are needed down to every nut and bolt. Once Buildmax runs these calculations through our cold-formed steel software, the computer will generate a very accurate quote based on the specific house plans,  price of steel, and many other factors. Without the software doing the calculations, it would take much longer to accurately price out a kit like this. which I believe is why it’s so difficult for kit homes to be priced accurately and sold online. Cold-formed steel kits are a great value to the customer in more ways than just a reasonable price the amount of structural integrity that comes along with it is worth the extra money over traditional framing options. With the current steel prices being comparable to lumber prices, you can build a stronger sturdier home that will last much longer, cold-formed steel will never Rot, burn, or be eaten by bugs & critters all for just a little bit more than it would cost to build your dream home with some boring regular old dead trees. Technologically speaking, using cold-formed steel to frame your barndominium just makes more sense for the future in general, the technological advancements in metallurgy have been very substantial, creating ever stronger and lighter alloys, in turn pushing metal industries and metal frame construction methods to new heights. Everyone wants to have the latest tech and your home should be no different. You spend a large portion of your life in your home having the peace of mind alone, just knowing the strength of your home is enough for some families to go all in a steel-frame barndominium and I think you should as well. 

A steel frame barndominium even makes sense from an investment perspective between the durability and longevity of the steel frame the reasonable pricing compared to traditional framing and of course the peace of mind, even in higher risk areas like along a fault line, locations prone to high winds and rain, even in extreme blizzard conditions withstanding intense snow loads. Strength and durability play a huge factor in any customer’s mind when building a home for their family and in the end, you’re really investing in the safety and security of your family when you choose to build with cold-formed steel, and honestly, you just can’t put a price on that.   

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Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott is a freelance writer and researcher that has written hundreds of articles for online companies in the area of construction, design, finance and automotive. He's a Southern boy that enjoys creek fishing, hunting and camping. He's rarely seen without his trusted beagle hound "Scooter"
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