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Skyrocketing Interest rates: How building a barndominium can help

How will all these rising interest rates affect the barndominium industry? Better yet, how can it affect you?

The sudden rise in interest rates Nationwide is just one of many tools in the federal reserve’s big bag of tricks. They will occasionally use these tools to proactively combat inflation on a grand nationwide scale. Inflation has forced prices up 8.6% in the last year. Everything from food, to fuel, has skyrocketed in recent months. 8.6% happens to be the biggest spike in 40 years. That’s 4 decades. Think about that for a second, the last time interest rates were this high; Star Wars was in theaters and Barry Manilow was on the radio. The Federal Reserve, which is our Central Bank here in the US, is in charge of keeping our economy stabilized and growing, as well as keeping unemployment as low as possible. They can do this by adjusting interest rates, adjusting the Bank’s reserve requirements, thus altering the supply of money. The federal reserve has even resorted to buying and selling treasury bonds on the open market to manipulate interest rates, and in order to directly increase or decrease the supply of cash, our Federal government can be very thrifty if the situation calls for it.  

By raising the interest rates the Federal Reserve hopes to deter the majority of consumers from making large purchases, this is allowing more people to save money When the demand goes down from a spike can interest rates this will typically stabilize the economy the federal government is very skilled at using rates to manipulate the economy take Covid for instance, the federal government lowered rates to almost zero this made it much easier to get loans it allowed for a bun in spending everyone was flush with cash it worked a little too well the government’s end now they are backpedaling and throwing water on the fire to cool the economy down Sam if they aren’t able to slow the inflation we will find ourselves in the middle of a recession similar to the housing crash of 08.

Experts say” it’s a seller’s market” there’s never been a better time to Buy or Sell a home than you lose by not buying or selling. However,  many consumers do tend to wait too long, therefore allowing homes to appreciate while they hesitate. some homes that I’ve looked at have appreciated 10% just in the last year. It’s hard to not make money in a situation like that or at least get a really great deal while you still can, while home values are still appreciating. However, with this new rate hike, fewer and fewer people will be able to qualify, making the situation a fleeting opportunity for some. the time to act is now. 

Just so you can get a picture of what this could mean for you and for the average American in general, say, just last year you took out a $400,000 loan. At that time your mortgage was $1,700 a month; your budget allows for that, no problem. Now, with this new rate hike imposed, that payment has shot through the roof from $1,700 a month to a whopping $2,000 mo in only a matter of a few months, it may as well be overnight, because now your budget is completely upside down and you can’t afford your housing this is a big problem. The Federal Reserve suggests that if you’re looking at buying a home at this time, it may be in your interest to wait to see if the market stabilizes before making your purchase. Housing is becoming a real issue for many Americans, as prices are steadily climbing and cutting individuals out of homes that they could once afford to live in. The average 30-year fixed-rate is hovering around  6%  but just back a few months ago it was at 3.25%. We think it’s rough when prices go up, but it could always get worse, back in the summer of the 1980s about four decades ago. Interest rates hit an all-time high of 15% due to inflation, with an unemployment rate of 7.5% this period in time has been referred to as the great inflation. 

We understand here at Buildmax with the recent increase in rates and the prices, in general, going through the roof in all aspects of our daily life, you’re definitely going to be looking to save money around every corner Buildmax is in a unique position to help you save money to get you into your dream home with affordable house plans all the way through to getting you the best deal we can, all material packages in many cases you can build your dream home for less than buying a home in today’s market this has led many families to re-evaluate their Entire living situation and adopt a more simple lifestyle out in the country to raise a young family. Our goal is to save you money and get you into your dream home Buildmax is ultimately a house plan company, however, in our ever-changing quest to accommodate our customers we have partnered with A couple of material supply companies That provide material packages for post-frame Construction as well as for cold form steel Construction which is an excellent option for any of the barndominium designs that we offer. any designs on our website can be built with traditional wood or for a more rigid, lower maintenance, and longer-lasting option that can withstand some major snow loads and winds beyond anything we are likely to see in the united states, then cold form Steel is definitely the way to go. 

Buildmax can guide you through the whole process from purchasing your plans all the way through ordering your material packages, We can even organize the crew to come out and erect the steel frame in no time flat, it only takes a few men to lift the beams and bolt them into place, it resembles a gigantic erector-set and it’s fascinating to watch it go up. If a steel frame barndominium is something that you’re seriously interested in, we have a couple of articles that go more in-depth on what the cold form steel package includes as well as some ideas on pricing compared to traditional stick-built. 

As you can see interest rates can have a huge impact on someone who’s wanting to buy or build a new home. We feel like we can help mitigate some of that cost through our process. after you run the numbers, you’ll be able to see on paper how much you can save by being in charge of building your own home as opposed to buying in today’s market. We think what you’ll find is that you can afford a much larger barndominium than you ever dreamt possible in a rural setting based on the money you have to work with. We think you’ll really be surprised. Slide on over to Buildmax and browse our beautiful Barndominium designs. We have available our collection of house plans is always growing so if at first, you don’t see something that you absolutely fall in love with, don’t worry. We can work with you to develop just about any kind of barndominium that you want. Maybe you’re a more independent type of person and you want to build a barndominium based on your own drawings. This is no problem either. As a matter of fact, we encourage our customers to be as involved in the design process as they feel comfortable being. this will ensure not only that you know solid details of your home’s construction that may come in handy at a later date. This also ensures that you get exactly what you want in a dream barndominium. We also allow for any one of our house plans to be customized to your family’s needs. say you need to add a bedroom or make the garage bigger. Maybe residents will need a ramp instead of stairs for mobility. These are simple customizations that our design team can make to the home plans. Our goal is to get you into the barndominium of your dreams at a price within your budget, and with the best-priced materials, we can find, allowing you to save money while building your dream.  

Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott is a freelance writer and researcher that has written hundreds of articles for online companies in the area of construction, design, finance and automotive. He's a Southern boy that enjoys creek fishing, hunting and camping. He's rarely seen without his trusted beagle hound "Scooter"
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