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Can a Barndominium Have Radiant Floor Heating?

Can a Barndominium Have Radiant Floor Heating?

The signature wide-open layouts of barndominium homes make temperature control a challenge. Traditional forced-air furnaces struggle heating expansive floors typical of steel barn conversions. Radiant floor heating systems offer an ideal solution for delivering whole-floor warmth catered to barndo spaces.

How Radiant Heat Works

Radiant heat warms people and objects rather than just air. It relies on electric or hydronic tubes laid in thin concrete slabs underneath floor finishes. As hot water or electric current passes through, tubes radiate warmth upward. Surfaces like tile or hardwood absorb and transmit gentle warmth directly to occupants above via infrared radiation.

barndominium radiant floor heating

Benefits for Barndominiums

Water-based radiant systems circulate hot fluid through crosslinked PEX tubing or over electric coils safely encased in concrete. This allows wide flexibility configuring layouts to handle the irregular dimensions endemic to barndos. The systems provide silent ambient warmth perfect for bedrooms, baths or living spaces. Efficient low-voltage operation cuts energy bills too. Radiant heat also prevents cold drafty floors, giving barns true 4-season livability.

Installing radiant heat under barndo floors does cost more upfront over forced-air – potentially $8-$12 per square foot. However operating costs drop by up to 30% over conventional systems. Ambient comfort gets a boost too thanks to reduced dust and allergens circulating. Durable systems promise 50+ years of reliable service as well once poured into place.

DIY or Hire Out?

Homeowners comfortable working with electrical, PEX piping and concrete can tackle radiant floor installs themselves with proper planning. But novice DIYers often benefit from assistance of professional radiant contractors. They handle system design, concrete work, tubing layout and finishes for optimal performance. Money saved on energy annually often offsets initial install costs too.

Don’t let barndo building plans get derailed worrying over floor warmth. Integrating radiant heating systems during construction or remodeling projects keeps barn homes comfortable long-term. Consult specialists like Radiant Company Inc to explore the modern heating solutions perfect for delivering cozy underfoot comfort in your barndominium renovation!

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Aaron Scott
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