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How to Minimize Rain Noise in Your New Barndominium.

Minimizing Rain Noise in Your Barndominium

One downside of the large, open layouts of barndominium homes is that rain clatter gets amplified across steel roof sheets. But you can take steps during barndo construction and updating to reduce noisy rainfall din. Follow these handy tips to minimize precipitation patter disturbances inside your stylish barn residence.

Insulate for Sound

Increasing roof insulation improves noise dampening exponentially while aiding energy efficiency. Use soundproofing insulation like Roxul Safe’n’Sound or QuietRock drywall to dampen decibel levels. For roofs, layer rigid foam insulation boards beneath roof panels to absorb audio. Staggering multiple foam layers with an air gap in between amplifies absorption even more. Seal edges with spray foam for impermeability.insulation

Update Roof Materials

Basic corrugated roof tin used on many barns suffers from noise issues. Swapping metal roofing for standing seam steel, rubber polymer EPDM membranes or faux slate /shingles cuts down on reverberation. These materials better dampen rainfall noise before it hits interior ceilings. If updating the whole roof is unrealistic, just overlay soundproofing materials onto the existing metal roof build-up.

Add Dropped Ceilings

Most barns lack attics, so rainfall noise bounces right off the roof framing to echo loudly inside. Installing a dropped or suspended ceiling leaves an air gap so patter gets absorbed separate from living spaces. Use furring strips and sound-insulating drywall or ceiling tiles to enhance acoustic isolation. Creative dropped ceiling builds mix aesthetics and function.

barndominium being built

Incorporate Interior Finishes

Barns leave ample vertical surfaces and ceilings to cover for sound absorbing purposes. Wood paneling, carpeted flooring or tapestries help dampen noise naturally. Area rugs laid strategically also diffuse vibration and echoes from rain. Wall hangings, bookcases stocked with reads and plush furniture all aid sound absorption inside too.

black barndominium with 3 car garage, wraparound porch, and mountains in the background

Muffling the roar of rain showers on exterior steel allows enjoying soothing precipitation ambience rather than noisy nuisance. Before erecting those barn siding panels or metal roof sheets, consider acoustic isolation planning to give your barndominium an extra quiet edge. With diligent design selection both exterior and interior, you can build a beautiful rainfall retreat right inside your prefabricated steel barndominium.

Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
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