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Can a Barndominium Qualify as an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit)?

Can a Barndominium Be an ADU?

ADUs (accessory dwelling units) have grown in popularity as self-contained small homes built on the same property as a larger primary residence. Given their customizable and budget-friendly nature, barndominiums make an ideal ADU solution. Let’s explore how steel barndos can transform into the perfect ADUs.


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What is an ADU?

ADUs are secondary dwellings built in addition to a main home on the same lot. They contain living essentials like a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living space. ADUs share utility connections and the address of the existing home, functioning as independent units. Common ADU types include converted garages, tiny backyard cottages, and additions.

ADU Benefits

ADUs appeal to homeowners for several reasons:

– Provide rental income from unused space
– Accommodate relatives affordably
– Create home offices without sacrificing main home space
– Add accessible housing for those with limited mobility
– Increase property values by better utilizing land

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Constructing a Barndominium ADU

Thanks to their blank-canvas customizability, barndominiums are ideal ADU structures. Barndo ADUs can be designed as:

– Backyard cottages outfitted as mini homes
– Converted pole barns blending into farmland
– Garage spaces transformed into pastoral retreats

Prefabricated barndominium ADU kits deliver shell construction optimized for rapid on-site assembly and interior finishing. This makes adding a highly customizable ADU simple and budget-friendly. provides these types of steel kits in a number of floorplan options as well as the ability to adapt your own custom designs into the prefabricated barndominium kit of your dreams.

By embracing their adaptable and economical nature, barndominiums can readily transform into the perfect ADUs – opening possibilities for income generation or multigenerational living on any property.

Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
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