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Can your Barndominium have heated floors? you bet!

Warming Up To Heated Floors: Installing Radiant Heat Systems In Barndominiums and their Benifits

As barndominiums continue rising in popularity across cold-weather climes from the mountain states to New England, the aesthetic of polished concrete floors brings many owners pause come winter. While beautiful, concrete loses heat rapidly, leaving barndo dwellers shivering in their stylish spaces. Fortunately, multiple radiant floor heating system options exist capable of transforming cold concrete floors into toasty luxury even in unforgiving northern winters.

white barndominium with wraparound porch and 2 car attached garage

According to 2019 industry surveys, over 60% of custom builders reported installing radiant systems in their projects, signaling this technology has become a standard go-to for solving floor warming needs. Various systems suit different flooring types, with options spanning electric, hydronic (hot water), and geothermal designs.

For barndominiums with polished concrete floorplans, one of the most elegant and efficient solutions is an electric radiant system. This utilizes thin heating mats secured under the concrete with wires warming to desired temperatures. Installing electric radiant heat averages between $4-$8 per interior foot depending on factors like supplemental insulation needs. A 1,500 square foot barndominium would therefore range from $6,000-$12,000 installed.

barndominium radiant floor heating

Fortunately, energy costs with radiant systems prove surprisingly affordable thanks to several efficiency advantages. Specifically, heat concentrates in occupied areas of the floor’s surface rather than wasting energy warming empty airspace above. The gentle warmth also satisfies thermostat targets at lower ambient room temperatures. For electric radiant, yearly costs range between $0.13-$0.35 per heated square foot. Barndo owners can control heating schedules and temperatures through programmable thermostats, moderating use based on season and occupancy patterns.

While radiant heat does entail added install costs upfront, it reliably resolves the functionality Achilles’ heel of chilly concrete floors during colder months. Owners gain back rich livability from their polished concrete aesthetic investment, able to pad around comfortably barefoot even amid snow flurries swirling outside. For barndominium dwellers committed to embracing concrete’s rawness and edges despite northern climes’ bitter grip, radiant heat powered by modern electric systems proves a hidden luxury tucked discretely underfoot. The numbers confirm this solution not only works, but does so at entirely affordable usage rates once in place.

So while frigid concrete may instill doubt, with a properly planned and installed below-surface radiant system, barndo aficionados can indeed keep their floors stylishly stripped down and polished…without sacrificing on coziness. The kids can even curl up with pillows and blankets for movie nights – no area rugs required! Heated floor comfort now awaits barndo dwellers from Alaska to Maine.

grey barndominium with dark grey roof and wraparound porch

The Benefits of Radiant Floor Heating Systems for your Barndominium

As energy efficient home design grows increasingly popular, more Barndo-owners are discovering the perks of installing radiant floor heating systems. Unlike forced-air furnaces that blow hot air through ductwork, radiant systems circulate heated water through tubes or electric wires just below the floor’s surface. This directed rising warmth offers advantages forced air can’t match.

black barndominium with wraparound porch that has wooden posts

Comfort – Radiant heat feels noticeably more cozy and luxurious, with floors warmed to pleasant temperatures right where occupants walk. No more cold kitchen tile! Heating the lower areas we occupy rather than wasting energy warming higher room air also meets comfort needs faster and at lower overall thermostat settings.

small black barndominium

Consistency – Unlike forced air’s turbulent on-off heating cycles, radiant floors provide steady, even warmth from edge to edge without impacting allergies or drying air. Lower dust circulation also results compared to forced systems constantly blowing particulate-filled air.

black barndominium

Efficiency – Radiant systems can reduce overall heating costs 20-40% by directly warming occupants and objects rather than wastefully heating empty room space above. This superior efficiency earns radiant heat one of the highest Energy Star ratings among home HVAC options.

white barndominium

Quietness – With no blowers, ducts or vents, radiant systems operate silently delivering heat through water or electric wires alone. This absence of disruptive ambient noise enhances home relaxation and livability.

Zone Control – Owners can group control floor heating in different zones like separate levels or individual rooms, custom scheduling each area’s preferred temperatures for optimal comfort and efficiency. Smart thermostats add automation.

Adds Resale Value to your Barndominium – Upscale amenities like radiant floor heat are increasingly attractive to buyers, potentially boosting a home’s future resale value. This makes the systems a solid return on investment for many owners.

white barndominium lodge style

In today’s heating landscape, radiant floor systems shine as an energy efficient and luxuriously comfortable option, outperforming dated forced-air technology. Their zone customizability, allergen and dust reductions, silent operation and contoured warmth make radiant heat one of the smartest investments available for enhancing home relaxation and enjoyment while reducing bills. Turn up the cozy with radiant floor goodness!

Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
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