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All About Steel Barndominium Kits

Just about everyone I talk to wants their barndominium now, and I assume you’re probably no different than the rest of us. The sad hard truth of the matter is that about 99% of people who want to build a barndominium have no idea where to begin or the first step in building their own home, and there’s absolutely no shame in not having the knowledge. In response, a very large majority of the customers I’m working with on a daily basis have made the decision to build their barndominium as a complete steel barndominium kit and eliminate the guesswork from the equation entirely. Because Buildmax works directly with one of the fastest producing steel home kit companies in the United States we are able to quote out your entire steel package on the first phone call in many instances all we need is which house plan on our website you are wanting to construct, add any changes if there needs to be any adjustments or modifications made to the original house plan design and within a matter of minutes we can generate a list and breakdown of every nut, bolt, and beam it would take to build your dream barndominium once we have the quote for the steel package the project is essentially ready to be submitted for development. What is so great about a steel barndominium kit anyway and why wouldn’t you just frame up your house with wood as most people do?


The actual Steel Barndominium kits we provide to our customers is cold-formed steel, this method uses thinner gauge steel but is formed and crafted in such a way that it is extremely rigid and strong when connected and bolted together. The steel frames are rated up to hurricane-force winds, steel homes are super popular in areas with a high concentration of tornadoes and storms as well as all up and down the coastline from east to west you can find amazing steel framed barndominiums popping up. There seems to be a mass exodus going on with families moving out of the cities and out into the suburbs in search of a more rural and free landscape. The best part of the cold-formed steel kits is that in a pinch a few strong men can actually lift and bolt the steel pieces into place without any super-specialized skills, if you are handy and you’re used to building things or have some construction knowledge you will be blown away by how fast these buildings can go up. We like to think of the steel kits just like the old erector sets we played with as kids, they really are just about that easy. this is not to be confused with Red Iron steel which is something different than cold-formed steel, red iron is without a doubt more expensive & much heavier steel frame option it will also take months longer to produce the kit for delivery to the building site, I’ve personally seen quotes for red iron steel kits taking up to 6mo to produce and deliver. Our cold-form steel kits can be manufactured in a much quicker way allowing for some truly phenomenal turnover rates. It’s not unusual for us to see a customer buy one of our stock un-modified house plans off our website  and decide they want a steel package after the quote came back either cheaper or close to the same price as lumber is,  manufactured and delivered in around 4-6 weeks flat depending on the location of the build, 4 weeks for a complete steel building package for a barndominium is unbelievable, it almost sounds too good to be true but It is true, you can have the materials to frame up your entire barndominium delivered in 4 weeks.

Something else that could potentially save you some considerable time and money on your build and Depending on what state you happen to be building your barndominium in,  Buildmax may have a crew of skilled laborers on standby in your local area that for a price will drive out to your build site and erect your steel frame. These men are experienced crews of multi-faceted craftsmen that could in a matter of a weekend possibly, erect an entire 5500 sqft barndominium frame. The erecting crews we work with are very familiar with and have tons of experience with erecting this particular brand of a cold-formed steel building as well as the building method itself, as it is a very unique product that can do some pretty amazing things for the price. As long as the designs aren’t too wild and intricate with 12 different roof lines or something crazy. These guys are honestly the best fit for the job, especially if you are interested in getting it done fast and correctly. Just something to consider and factor into your budget to see what may work for you and your steel barndominium.

Steel prices right now are almost in line with the price of lumber It’s a really good time to buy steel before the prices start to increase but as of today steel prices are still a tad bit higher than lumber, With the price of steel tied directly to the stock market don’t be surprised to see it fluctuate in some pretty dramatic ways depending on whats going on in the world politically, socially, religiously even. Many builders will do some serious market research to evaluate the possibility of getting a steel package at an amazing discount by spotting trends in the market to determine when the right time to buy is based on the current value and as soon as the stock prices dip down considerably, that will be the ideal time to buy a steel package will be. Not everyone cares about the stock market and how it can affect the prices of steel many people just want a steel package at a price they can afford and in a timely manner and they are willing and eager to pay the market value and that ok too. The main goal was that you get your steel package for a price that you’re happy with then everyone wins. 

I hope that you would consider a steel barndominium kit as a framing option for your next barndominium so that you too can experience the peace of mind in knowing you can sleep well at night knowing your house is more than structurally sound and that your home was built with the highest quality Cold-formed steel manufactured right here in the best country on earth, America! If a Steel frame barndominium seems like it’s everything you want and more give Buildmax a call today! @ 270-495-3250

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Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
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