Common home building mistakes to avoid


Building a barndominium can be super exciting and a real dream come true for most families! There is something incredibly special and almost magical about being a part of constructing your family’s dream home. Unfortunately, if you’re not experienced or properly informed on the process of construction, it can easily become bogged down and plagued by costly mistakes.

A large majority of the construction process will be done by specialists in whatever field you’re working on; drywall, electrical, framing, etc. More than likely, you will only be involved in the planning aspect. However, many mistakes can be made at the planning level that will reverberate across the whole house build. Poor planning, in the beginning, can affect the outcome or severely hinder the building process. Any poorly planned or drawn instructions on your barndominium floor plans for the builder will have to be corrected if you don’t want to cause a catastrophe late in the build. Below we have included some of the most common mistakes made and how to avoid them from the beginning.

When DIY goes wrong

Getting in over your head happens easier than you believe it could. It could happen to anyone, by not having the skills & experience for a certain job. It can cause more problems even when you have the best intentions like taking on a project to save money. This is where many first-time home builders trick themselves into taking on projects that are essentially out of their wheelhouse. This can cause delays when you eventually run into a problem that you don’t have the prior knowledge to overcome. At this point, a professional must come in to finish up your failed DIY project. With careful diligent planning, you can determine if you have the skills to complete the DIY project or if it would be in everyone’s best interest to hire a professional for the job from the onset. Hiring a professional to fix your failed project will be a much more challenging task as builders don’t like to fix others’ mistakes. They like to start with a clean slate. 


Skimping on Materials

There are many reasons why Builder might skimp on materials whether he wants to put a few more bucks in his pocket or he just prefers to use cheaper materials it almost certainly comes down to money In The End. Listening to the recommendations of your builder can save you in the long run  Or it could cost you depending on the motivations of your Builder. By saving money on sub-par materials you are really causing your family more hardships in the long run as the materials will break down at a quicker rate Leading to more repairs, more material, and more cost when all could be avoided with quality materials being obtained in the first place.. Sub-par materials that are constructed with little or no oversight will not hold up to the rain and wind over time, the materials may look good on a superficial level but won’t hold up to the elements over time. This is especially important in areas of the country with extreme weather conditions. Builders know the best materials to use for the areas they serve. You can get some of your best information and recommendations from builders in your area on specific materials and how to get the most for your money out of those materials all it takes is some extra effort in tracking down the top builders and having an honest conversation. Getting the best deals on your building material is different from skimping on materials and there’s a right and wrong way to do mostly everything when building a home.

Location, location, location

Switching gears, a bit, focusing on the location of the build, most people don’t have the luxury of having tons of properties to choose from. They sometimes have already purchased the property and it’s not realistic to assume all those properties are perfectly flat and ready to build on. The terrain of the property is especially important. Is it conducive to build on? Are there any flood plains within the property? Are there lines already for water and gas? Does the location need to be cleared of brush and trees? Does the location meet your needs as far as being in a good school district or being close to your job? These are all things to consider before purchasing your property to avoid any issues down the road.

Not pre-planning your build

Not planning your build properly and I stress properly is probably the most common mistake of all when it comes to building your barndominium. When I say planning I mean having a strong budget and an even stronger cost to build breakdown, many times people don’t realize the planning involved in building their own barndominium and they either underestimate material costs because they didn’t use the house plans to get quotes, Things like this can be avoided with just a little pre-planning as well as being well organized, having everything organized and on paper will save you a lot of stress and headache especially when you’re in the thick of the build with workers yelling and running around and you need a copy of a specific document for the inspector, in a situation such as this being prepared and organized will take you a long way.  

There are many more common home building mistakes out there, but these three mistakes seem to pop up time after time. It’s important to always be aware of common mistakes and things you can do to avoid issues building your very own barndominium dream home. Stay vigilant and determined and always do proper research on whatever project you’re working on knowing what to avoid before you start.