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Do Steel Barndominium Kits Deliver

Do Steel Barndominium Kits Deliver on Time, Cost and Effort?

Prefabricated steel barndominium kits merging pre-cut structural framing components with DIY instructions promise simplified construction for DIY homebuilders. But given higher initial material costs demanding hands-on site assembly, are such kits worth expenditure, sweat equity and construction timelines required versus paying contractors to stick-build custom barndos?


grey barndominium with wraparound porch and 3 car garage

Value Analysis Of Steel Barndominium Kit Path

While lumber pricing fluctuation complicates direct comparisons, leading kit suppliers estimate average per square foot expenditure differences around:

Kit Material Price – $150 – $250 PSF

Stick Build Price – $100 – $200 PSF

white barndominium lodge style

So at face value, yes – sourcing weather-tight steel shell kits requires greater upfront capital over framing locally with dimensional boards. However, accelerated construction schedules saving months of calendar time plus amplified lifespan durability balance total lifetime costs more evenly.

Time Comparison

Steel kit contractors estimate homebuilders save roughly 30-50% total build time since the longest phases – framing, sheathing, windows/doors – finish faster given quick-connect bolt assembly. Critical time savings since financing costs accumulate over lingering projects.

white farmhouse

Effort Comparison

Eliminating technically complex wood joinery, plumbing, measuring and handling reduces skill demands. Preformed pieces fitting sequentially together pursuant to guides steers amateurs through sound structural completion much easier. However, some sweat equity remains required.


In summary, while stick-framing theoretically saves dollars upfront, and hiring pros saves some effort, steel barndo kits redeem value recouping both money and time long run. The numbers and experiences justify the kit path for most owner-builders seeking quality modern farmhouses. Let efficient prefab foundations accelerate dreams!

Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
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