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Eco-Friendly Choices in Barndominium Design and Living

In today’s world, there’s a growing emphasis on embracing environmentally conscious lifestyles. From adopting recycling habits to driving electric vehicles and sharing rides, the trend is unmistakable. But how do you bring this green wave into your barndominium? Delve into these insights on selecting sustainable floor plans and eco-friendly finishes to craft your perfect green barndominium.

Barndominium Plans and Sustainable Materials

Before your barndominium takes shape, you have the unique opportunity to design it with eco-consciousness in mind. From your barndominium’s floor plan to your choice of construction materials, there are avenues to ensure its green essence. Being clear about your eco-goals early on sets the stage for a smoother, more sustainable construction process.

A pivotal aspect to consider in your barndominium’s design is the inclusion of windows. While they might appear trivial, windows play a significant role in determining the eco-credentials of your home. Incorporating more windows ushers in ample natural light, reducing the dependency on electric lights. This not only trims your electricity bills but also serves the environment.

Furthermore, strategic window positioning is paramount. Prioritize natural illumination in frequently used spaces, so sunlight becomes your primary light source. Incorporating these considerations into your initial design sketches is a foundational step towards a sustainable barndominium.


cabin style barndominium on the lake

When it’s time to roll up your sleeves and begin the actual construction, give special attention to your choice of materials. While it’s easy to assume that one material is much like another, the reality is suppliers can differ dramatically in their eco-practices.

Opting for local vendors for your construction supplies can significantly minimize the carbon footprint associated with transportation—especially pivotal if your barndominium necessitates several deliveries. Further, investigate the origins of your materials. For lumber-based barndominiums, ensure that the supplier adheres to responsible logging practices and preferably, practices reforestation. If metal is your preferred choice, prioritize recycled sources.

Furthermore, during the building phase, prioritize effective insulation. Proper insulation ensures the efficient retention of warmth or coolness, reducing the reliance on heating or cooling systems. This not only is cost-effective but also lessens environmental strain. While your contractor can guide you on the optimal insulation choices, it’s beneficial to conduct personal research and collaborate with your contractor on your findings.

blue barndominium with carport

Green Choices for Interior Design

After constructing your barndominium, the interior beckons with ample opportunities to further your commitment to sustainability. Every corner provides a chance to make eco-friendly decisions, from tech upgrades to furnishings, offering diverse avenues to manifest green living.

In terms of furniture, consider embracing recycled or repurposed items. Local yard or garage sales can be treasure troves of well-maintained, distinctive pieces that resonate with your aesthetics. Some might require a touch of refurbishment, but oftentimes, wear lends a unique charm that newer items lack. Opting for such pieces isn’t just about individuality; it also means a step towards reducing waste and conserving resources.

Flooring, too, presents an opportunity to walk the green path. Options like bamboo, cork, and reclaimed timber offer sustainable choices without compromising on aesthetics. These materials come in various shades and designs, ensuring you don’t sacrifice style for sustainability.

In the realm of appliances, the market is abundant with eco-conscious options. Look out for those with the ENERGY STAR certification, signaling their energy efficiency. Such appliances usually sport a distinctive label, but comprehensive lists are also accessible online, helping you identify the best environmentally friendly brands and models. Furthermore, consider innovations like tankless water heaters, renowned for their energy conservation.

Integrating intelligent technology is another step towards an eco-friendly interior. Innovative light bulbs can sync with smartphones, granting you control over lighting schedules, thereby curtailing energy wastage. Similarly, smart tech like the Nest thermostat comes with features such as eco-mode. This function automatically adjusts heating or cooling based on room conditions, facilitating notable energy savings.

Additional Sustainable Considerations

Choosing energy-efficient windows and doors is pivotal in any eco-conscious construction. Such choices prevent unwarranted air transfer, thereby reducing the constant need for heating or cooling appliances. This not only maintains indoor comfort in your barndominium but also conserves energy and trims down utility costs.

black barndominium shophouse with wraparound porch

Considering solar panels is another commendable sustainable stride. Though their initial cost might seem hefty, the long-term returns, both environmental and monetary, are substantial. Harnessing sunlight, a renewable resource, minimizes reliance on pollution-prone energy sources. While not every homeowner might find solar solutions viable, their inclusion undeniably elevates a structure’s eco-credentials.

Equally significant, yet often sidelined, are green landscaping and permaculture practices. Opting for drought-tolerant plants enhances environmental resilience. Additionally, a thoughtfully designed outdoor space can foster local biodiversity, letting nature coexist harmoniously even with infrastructural advancements. Even cultivating a modest garden augments the eco-footprint of your barndominium.

Final Thoughts

While it might seem daunting at first, crafting an eco-friendly barndominium brims with diverse possibilities. From minor adaptations like sourcing recycled furniture to substantial investments like installing solar panels, every choice contributes to a greener future. Remember, every eco-friendly action, no matter its magnitude, leaves an indelible positive mark on our planet.

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Brianna Euler
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