Eye-Catching Barndominium house plans!

Anyone looking into building a barndominium of their own will surely have looked through many house plans online searching for that special eye catching barndominiums. Finding an eye-catching barndominium isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. Many barndominiums have a simple straightforward layout. Barndominium plans online today are usually generic and not very detailed, just a basic open floor house plan adapted to look like a barn. Finding that one home plan the catches your eye will most likely catch other people’s eyes as well. One company that does this exceptionally well is a company called, BuildMax. Their house plans are more detailed and to the builders’ specifications. BuildMax prides themselves on their signature styles and unique custom floor plans. They also offer stock barndominium plans that can be found on their website for an extremely reasonable price.

white barndominium with cupolas on a lake 

What makes an eye-catching barndominium so eye-catching? Specific layouts of a home can increase the appeal. Staircases, wide-open floor plans, decks, balconies, large bathrooms, custom walk-in closets just to name a few special aspects that could turn your barndominium home into something truly eye-catching. Color and style of the exterior of your home is something that you really want to put thought into if you want your barndominium to really pop within the community. Something different than all the houses in the area will surely make your barndominium stand out in the crowd. By adding a unique color to the exterior of your barndominium is a surefire way to draw attention and make your new barndominium stand out in a big way. When it comes to style, there are many barndominium styles to choose from. Texas has its own style when it comes to barndominium homes. A Texas-style barndominium in New Jersey is going to be very eye-catching to say the least.

What will a good set of house plans cost you? For the most part, you get what you pay for. House plans can be found online for as little as $500 however, for that price, you can expect the very basic set of floor plans and a very basic layout. On the higher end, I have seen prices of $3,000 plus for a very good set of custom-designed barndominium plans to be professionally drafted. The more research you do the better deals you will find. BulidMax has one of the better deals on the internet for custom barndominium plans the prices are mid-tier, but the quality is exceptional. Buildmax has designers standing by ready sit down with you to build the perfect barndominium especially suited for you.

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Unique design elements and amenities create an eye-catching barndominiums. Some of those unique design elements will be attributed to the size and shape of the building lot. Sometimes properties are difficult and oddly shaped, making it more difficult to build on. This is where unique design elements come into play, especially in designing the shape end dimensions within your barndominium house plans. Amenities such as pools, patios, outside kitchens, garages and shops can greatly affect the unique design aspects in creating an eye-catching barndominium. Your building lot may require you to build your barndominium on the side of an incline or on stilts in some instances of flood plains.

white barndominium

The flow of the house plan is an important aspect to the occupants. You want a house plan that flows well from room to room, section to section, without long winding corridors and hard to get to sections. Think about when you come in carrying groceries you want the route from the garage to the kitchen to be short and convenient as possible. The foyer is a great spot in your barndominium to focus on when it comes to eye-catching interior design. The foyer will be the first thing someone sees when they enter your barndominium and you want to make a great first impression with visually enticing design elements and features. This ensures your barndominium catches the eye of anyone walking in from the moment that they arrive. You want the features of your home to be out of the ordinary but extremely functional as well. Designing your home to have ample storage can be achieved even with unusual looking design elements that are sure to catch the eye but are ultimately extremely functional. Modern and contemporary designs are most popular. Some designers call them futuristic design elements because they are very symmetrical in style.

Exterior design features such as roof pitch can also come into play and can add a charming flair to an already striking design. Many roof designs on modern barndominiums have opted for a flatter roof than a pitched roof. Its striking visual appeal can really bring aspects of your home into view that would otherwise be ignored. There are many ways to make your barndominium pop and be more visually appealing, some are more extensive than others. When it comes to building, depending on exactly what you want out of your perfect barndominium floor plans, the sky is the limit. Take a quick look at the house plans on Buildmax.com to explorer their custom and stock barndominium designs that may fall right into the category of an eye-catching barndominium you’d be proud to call home.

white barndominium with cupolas