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Free Cabin Floor Plan!

Tiny homes are emerging and becoming a popular trend here in the southern united states we have seen how barndominiums started as a small trend and have blown up into what it is today. People are generally looking for comfort and simplicity in a tiny home, nobody wants to feel cramped or claustrophobic inside their own home. This tiny home is only 960 Sqft but don’t let the numbers scare you away, the inside feels much larger than it sounds because of the open floor plan and layout of the home. It was designed in such a way that storage isn’t as much of an issue as you would first imagine. There are opportunities to add storage cubbies anywhere you want them, with hidden cabinets stowed away and drawers that can be built into the walls to save space. There are many ways you can save space in a tiny home and cabinets is the first place you want to start. Adding a loft if your design doesn’t already have one is a good storage-saving option, lot can fit in a loft and with all of that stuff up and out of the way, you can go retrieve your stored items out of storage anytime you need them. This specific house plan boasts a covered front porch as well as a back deck with egress windows on both the front and rear loft areas. If you would like to customize this floor plan we would be happy to work with you at modifying the plans to your exact specifications our modifications starts at $1.00 sq/ft.

I have included below a list of every page that is included with the free barndominium style tiny house plans:

-Pier Foundation Detail

-Crawl Space Plan

-Ground Floor Plan

-Second Floor Plan

-Optional Second Floor Plan

-Front Elevation

-Rear Elevation

-Left Elevation

-Right Elevation

-Cross Section

-Roof Rafter Plan

As rates within the housing market steadily increase this summer the interest in barndominium house flans has literally skyrocketed. When it becomes more economical and practical to build a home than to find one at an affordable price that’s when you see a huge influx of families searching for places to law down roots. The southern united states in particular have really seen population growth in rural communities since the onset of the pandemic. It’s been a constant migration of families out of major cities and into more rural and surrounding communities. Many families realized early on that they could no longer afford their current accommodations in the city due to covid 19 but also in the city, you are elbow to elbow with strangers anytime you leave your home. Families are searching more a simple lifestyle than what you get in major cities. We need our major cities and many people love the atmosphere but for the ones who don’t, there are options out there for you as well. Lately with the popularity of barndominiums in the south a news station in Florida did a segment on the popularity of barndominiums in the local area of Tampa. “Fox13 reporting on the popularity of Barndominiums in Florida”

All house plans on were designed to accommodate the local codes and requirements at the time & location the original house was designed, these may not fall directly in line with your local regulations, and it is your responsibility to follow up with your local building department to ensure compliance is accomplished. All stock, custom or modified plan purchases are final, and we cannot refund or exchange any plan after date of purchase. Sometimes building codes are updated by the county and in that case, we will have to modify those plans to meet the specifications. Generally speaking, these houses usually go up very quickly, the house plans are all engineered which means they have been looked over by certified designers and or architectural engineers that approve the work and the plans

In addition to the house plans you order; many jurisdictions require a site plan to be drawn up that indicates where on the property the structure will be placed. For an additional fee, BuildMax may be able to assist in the design of the site plan if you provide us with the plot plan or deed descriptions. Some areas of the country require specific beam sizes for roof loads depending upon snowfall in the region. If your lot is not tied to a sanitary sewer system you may also need a septic design to be drawn by a licensed professional. Many areas now have area-specific energy codes that also must be followed to certain specifications. There are several free energy code calculators online that your local building department may accept. Your builder may also be able to help with this.

There’s not really a one size fits all house plan anywhere out there and here are the reasons why. In some regions, there are additional steps you will need to take to insure your house plans follow local codes. Some areas of North America have extremely strict structural engineering requirements. Examples of this would be things like areas of California and the Pacific Coast that are on active fault lines and more prone to natural disasters, and areas at risk for tropical storms and hurricanes such as the East coast, the Gulf coast & the Carolinas. Tornado Alley in the Midwest will most certainly have interesting structural engineering requirements set in place. Also, New York, New Jersey, Nevada, and parts of Illinois require review by a local professional as well. If you are building in these areas, count on having to hire a state-licensed structural engineer to look over and approve the designs and potentially provide additional drawings and recalculations required by your building department. Pretty much every region of the United States has some type of specific requirement due to natural elements, you may need to leave room in your budget for the purchase of CAD drawings so an engineer or architect can make the appropriate changes needed. Building departments typically have a print-out they will provide you listing all the items they require to obtain a building permit.

Something else to be aware of with stock plans, they do not have a professional stamp attached. If your building department requires one, this means they will only accept a stamp from a professional that is licensed in the state where you plan to build. In this case, you will need to take your house plans to a local engineer or architect for a full review and a stamp showing the plans have been approved by a state-licensed architect or engineer. In addition to this, plans which are used to construct homes in the state of Nevada are required to be drawn by a licensed Nevada architect. If you are not fully aware of all the Local regulations just go down and check with your local building department, they will be able to provide you with every code requirement and specification you need for your plans to be 100% compliant with the local regulations in your area.

As you can see by now there isn’t a house plan on the market today that you won’t have to do some kind of adjusting or modifications to along the way, nothing ever goes exactly to plan when building a home, even a 960sqft tiny home. That’s OK because Buildmax is here and we will assist you with anything regarding your floor plan before, during, and even after your build. Maybe you want to add a garage after the fact, after your home has been built. Get back in touch with buildmax and we can get you fixxed up with a metal garage building to match your home just perfectly, we can even send a crew to construct the garage in just a matter of days. Start on your barndo styled Tiny home today with Buildmax’s Free Cabin Plans. If your looking for something bigger that has the same style check out buildmax’s other barndominium home plans, farmhouse plans, and much much more over @

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Aaron Scott
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