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Why Empty Nesters Love the Barndominium Lifestyle!

When your kids first move off to college or finally get married off to that high-school sweetheart, many if not most parents will quickly find themselves in a state of inner turmoil and panic, not knowing what to do. Trying to adjust to the new changes in their lives, things as simple as being in a large empty house all day can trigger some mild panic, and just overall general irritability, and can lead to depression even in some people. but eventually, you will grow accustomed to the quiet house and you’ll find ways to comfort yourself while home alone, maybe with a  loud radio or even something as easy as the TV turned on simply for background noise can make you feel like you are not alone. I’d like to talk to you about a more long-term application for empty nesters, Something like downsizing from your current home into a beautiful barndominium that you and your partner can design together. Downsizing can save money as well, Since you don’t need that larger home anymore as a primary residence maybe you can take it and generate revenue from it by renting it as a short-term rental property depending on the area you live in of course, and what kind of nearby attractions could draw guests in. If your property isn’t suited well for short-term rental you can always no matter where you are in the country right now generate a healthy income from renting out a long-term rental property. You can use that monthly income to live your empty nester dream and build your own barndominium just the size you need with nothing to waste you can take your time and customize things exactly to your specifications. 


Empty nesters were made for the barndominium lifestyle, after years of growing and raising a family now is your time to relax and enjoy your golden years with your partner in a cozy home that you’ve built together, that storybook-sounding plan can actually begin today @ You see Buildmax is a house plan company first and foremost but we will help you in many more ways than simply just selling you a floor plan. Buildmax can help you obtain a material package for the house plans we sell. Not only that we can even arrange for a crew to come to frame everything out to get you well on your way to your dream. That’s quite a bit more than just selling house plans. You can take any of our stock house plans and we can make simple modifications all the way up to at some point depending on certain factors it will become a full custom design and that will be in a price bracket all to itself but it is absolutely available. 

What all come with an order? You get a full set of engineered plans with all the elevations and cross section schematics that the builders will need to precisely construct your home, think of the plans as instructions for the builder.

-Pier Foundation Detail  -Crawl Space Plan  -Ground Floor Plan  -Second Floor Plan  -Optional Second Floor Plan  -Front Elevation  -Rear Elevation  -Left Elevation  -Right Elevation  -Cross Section  -Roof Rafter Plan

Each individual page will be approved by an engineer before you ever see it.

I have some very close friends who said they knew exactly what they wanted to do when their son moved out, They had planned to do a major remodel as well as finish their basement that was only framed in with no drywall. They started work the day after their son moved out. I didn’t expect much out of my friends, I had never seen them do a D.I.Y project in all the years I’ve known them. I was thoroughly shocked and surprised to find when I visited about 5mo later for a cookout and they had a fully converted basement that allows for them to entertain larger groups of people than simply a dinner party, the kitchen, and dining area had also received a total facelift and the space was more open and useable after the renovation. Maybe This is the perfect time to review your own options, I think you would really be surprised at what you can actually afford when it comes to a barndominium. You could go as small as you like by doing a custom design but if your looking for something simple and functional with a country feel I urge you to browse Buildmax’s one-of-a-kind Floor plans and Barndominium designs. Buildmax has just released their Eco-Barndo or plan BM1440 and it’s just absolutely perfect for two. With the real estate market going absolutely insane right now selling a home, regardless of the square footage or the school district, the house will sell within days of listing it on the market so you do have some options even on your first day as an empty nester.

Just because you’re living in a big house alone doesn’t mean you can’t take that big house, sell it and turn that profit into a beautiful new barndominium Nest for you and your partner to spend the rest of your days in. Come see us at for larger designs and many more floorplans to choose from. We have barndominium plans to fit almost any family.   


Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott is a freelance writer and researcher that has written hundreds of articles for online companies in the area of construction, design, finance and automotive. He's a Southern boy that enjoys creek fishing, hunting and camping. He's rarely seen without his trusted beagle hound "Scooter"
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We are super excited with results and service. Tony offered really helpful suggestions. Our dream build was pretty complicated but he and his designer were able to meet our needs.

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