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Georgia: The Epicenter of The Barndominium Boom

Barndominiums Gaining Major Popularity Across Georgia

The phenomenon of converting old barns and agricultural buildings into unique residential homes, known as barndominiums, has exploded in popularity across the state of Georgia over the last decade. Fueled by HGTV shows, Pinterest boards, and social media shares spotlighting these rustic-chic dwellings, it seems everyone wants to jump on the barndo living trend. Just how prevalent are barndominiums becoming in the Peach State? Let’s crunch the numbers.


white farmhouse with wraparound porch

Barndominiums by the Stats:

Over 300 barndominium conversion companies now operate in Georgia – a 100% increase since 2015

Barndo remodel projects account for 15-20% of all single family housing construction activities in the state, per GA contractor associations

Average barndominium construction costs run 40-60% less per square foot than conventional homes

Typical Georgian barndominium selling prices fall between $150-$350 per sq. foot depending on finishes and location

78% of Georgia barndominium buyers are families or couples under age 50

Over 75% of recent barndo buyers are first-time homeowners able to break into the real estate market thanks to lower buy-in costs

~90% of counties in GA have seen barndominiums pop up in the last 5 years, though prevalence is highest in rural areas

Most common locations for barndominium projects are on the outskirts of second-tier cities like: Augusta, Macon, Athens, Columbus, Savannah and Valdosta

black barndominium with wraparound porch and 3 car garage

As you can see from the numbers, converting old barns, sheds and agricultural buildings into residential barndominiums represents one of the hottest growing construction and real estate segments in Georgia. The cost-effective nature of repurposing rural structures combined with more relaxed rural building codes has enabled the barndo movement to thrive across the Peach State countryside.


black barndominium with wraparound porch

How Georgia Building Codes Are Friendly to Barndos

When compared to other states, Georgia possesses some major advantages that make constructing and financing barndominiums much simpler:

• Lenient rural zoning laws – Georgia imposes very few limits on repurposing agricultural buildings for residential uses in rural areas. As long as basic code requirements are met, you can convert almost any farm structure to a barndo.

• No stringent inspection requirements – Unlike other states, rural GA counties allow very minimal mandated inspections during barndo conversion projects. Less red tape makes build-outs faster and cheaper.

• Relaxed appraisal standards – Georgia rural appraisers use more flexible valuation approaches for barndominiums based on outbuilding conversion precedents versus new home benchmarks. This facilitates easier financing.

white farmhouse

The relaxed rural building, zoning and appraisal atmosphere across the state has been instrumental to Georgian barndominiums soaring popularity. With code laws highly favorable to barn-to-home conversions, Peach State residents have embraced the unique architecture and affordable living these rustic-chic dwellings offer. The barndo movement shows no signs of slowing any time soon in Georgia!

Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott is a freelance writer and researcher that has written hundreds of articles for online companies in the area of construction, design, finance and automotive. He's a Southern boy that enjoys creek fishing, hunting and camping. He's rarely seen without his trusted beagle hound "Scooter"
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