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How Important are Quality Windows When Building a Barndominium?

Why Investing in Premium Barndominium Windows Pays Off

Windows critically influence overall energy efficiency, noise control and longevity of steel barn homes. Many owners opt saving upfront, not realizing inferior quality windows ultimately cost more long-term via energy leaks, damage and frequent replacements. When planning new barndo construction or remodeling projects, make upgraded windows priority investments. Here’s how selecting premium panes pays dividends through better performance, comfort and sustainability.

Superior Glass for Energy Savings

A window’s insulating merits stem predominantly from its glazing layers. Single pane glass utterly fails at insulation while double paned falls short by modern standards. Quality brands like Loewen leverage triple glazing filled with inert argon/krypton gases to resist conductive and convection heat transfer markedly better. Further boosting performance, low-emissivity coatings reflect interior warmth back indoors instead of escaping while warm-edge spacers prevent perimeter conduction. Though costlier upfront, such advancements found in Architect Series or Fibrex products net substantial long-term energy savings and carbon reduction for your barndominium.

Robust Frames Withstand Elements

Window frames withstand brutal weathering facing barns. Four season performance demands robust assemblies resilient against moisture, UV radiation, swelling and contraction stresses across endless freeze-thaw or scorching-cooling cycles. Look for premium extruded vinyl, fiberglass or thermally broken wood-composite frames touting minimal air infiltration ratings even when facing extreme wind and precipitation. Brands like Pella’s Architect Series, Marvin’s Integrity lines or Fibrex pride excellent air tightness and design pressure ratings keeping interior conditions comfortable through the decades.

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Custom Sizing Optimizes Fit

Rather than forcing standard windows into awkward old barn wall cuts left behind from salvage jobs, invest in fully custom window solutions. Work with replacement window specialists like Window Nation or Renewal by Andersen ensuring properly measured sizing and coordinated installation. This avoids reliance on make-shift shims and sealants trying in vain to block inevitable air leaks around the perimeter. Expert project managers also handle full frame sealing into even leakiest rough openings for immediately improved air tightness.

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View Your Barndo Through New Eyes

Upgrading lackluster leaky windows to today’s premium triple glazed models rewards owners through 20-30% heating/cooling savings and 75% reduced exterior noise year after year. Contact window specialists for free in-home consultations assessing your unique efficiency and design needs. Soon you’ll view your charming barndominium scenery through brand new eyes thanks to ultra high performance panes personalized to your exacting situation!

Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
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