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How Much Will Building an Average Barndominium Cost?

How Much can it reasonably cost to Build a Barndo from Scratch Cost?

Barndominiums have soared in popularity thanks to their spacious, flexible-use potential at cost-effective price points. Yet while repurposing an existing barn proves budget-friendly, constructing a bespoke barndo from raw land carries bigger upfront price tags. Just how much should homeowners expect to invest when building a barndominium residence from the ground up?

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While a myriad of factors affect final costs, ballpark $125-$300 per square foot for a custom barndo build. This covers permitting, concrete, framing, roofing, insulation, utilities, interior finishings and more. A moderately sized 2,000 square foot barndominium would therefore range from $250,000 up to $600,000 or beyond.

Barndominium Construction Cost Considerations
Some variables that cause pricing fluctuations for new custom barndo builds include:

Location – Construction expenses prove higher in some regions based on labor, permits, materials and property costs

Dimensions – Larger floor plans equate bigger build budgets but bring economy of scale over smaller builds

Framing Type – Custom wood framing costs exceed standardized steel kit pricing

Foundation – Poured concrete with stem walls much pricier than pier and beam

Amenities – Luxuries like smart home tech, commercial-grade appliances or zoned HVAC boosts budgets

Finishes – High-end fixtures, stone accents, premium windows raise costs substantially

In summary, conservatively project $200,000+ for a modest barndominium abode built from a cleared lot. Prioritizing cost-saving measures like lean layouts, steel kits, DIY finishing labor and budget-friendly décor contained expenses somewhat. But customization freedom and ample living space offered by new barndo construction often justify the long-term investment for many homeowners.

Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
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