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How Noisey Is Life Inside of a Metal Frame Barndominium?

Life in a Barndominium – Noisier Than Traditional Homes?

The Orchestra of Rain on a Metal Roof is a truly magical experience for most barndominium owners excited for their first Barndominium style home. However, We understand not everyone will enjoy the relaxing ambiance of rain on a metal room As we do, So we have decided to break down some ways to mitigate the noise of a metal roof with some simple off-the-shelf DIY fixes. Steel buildings with contemporary residential finishes create charming rural living spaces and a metal roof and metal siding are integral parts of a steel frame barndominium kit. However, the metal construction makes some prospective homeowners wonder – won’t the interiors be uncomfortably loud and echoey? The clanging and banging of rain or hail or birds and squirrels on steel surely won’t make for a restful retreat. will it?

While acoustics do demand more consideration compared to timber-framed houses, prudent material selections and interior design can easily prevent a barndominium from resembling a reverberant metal barn! Strategic insulation, flooring choices, and sound-dampening finishes go a long way in providing a more relaxing & peaceful ambiance.

In fact, many barndominium owners relish the unique acoustic qualities complementing pastoral country charm that no suburban home can emulate. There’s just something about sitting on a porch and enjoying the sound of rain on a warm summer afternoon in the country.  Faint metallic notes enlivening interiors or the pitter-patter of rain on high metal roofs have their own music absent from the hustle and bustle of urban life in the city center.

Let’s explore key considerations around managing noise for mellow barndominium living:

Strategic Sound Insulation is Key
Like any building, limiting external noise ingress while damping internal echoes makes all the difference. For barndominiums, installing high-density insulation with staggered vapor barriers across the roof and wall cavities prevents unwanted transmission. Solid internal partitions around bedrooms buffer noise leakage as well. Windows and doors warrant careful selection too – modern sealing solutions prevent whistling drafts and sound leaks effectively

Here are some key things to know about effectively insulating metal barndominiums to manage noise:

1. Multi-Layered Approach – Use both exterior sound insulation and interior acoustical treatments for best noise control. Install insulation with mass-loaded vinyl barriers on exterior walls and roofs to block outside noise. Add insulated interior wall panels, acoustic ceiling tiles, and carpets to absorb indoor echoes.

2. Sealing Gaps – Prevent noise leakage through cracks and gaps around doors, windows, pipes, and electrical cutouts using acoustic sealants. Well-fitted weatherstripping on large doors is vital too. This air tightness also improves insulation capability.

3. Vibration Damping – Add anti-vibration pads underneath noisy exterior mounted HVAC units or other equipment to limit mechanical noise being transferred into living spaces. Similarly, use rubber washers when bolting internal fixtures onto walls to dampen vibration transmission along the steel structure.

4. Strategic Floor Planing – Place noise-sensitive rooms like bedrooms away from high-traffic machine access doors. Creating buffer zones like corridors or closets around such areas contained mechanical noise. Good spacing of interior walls also prevents echo build-up. Good Engineered floor plans are essential to any barndominium build big or small. 

5. Specialty Insulation – Consider upgrading standard fiberglass insulation with higher-density rock wool or spray foam options that cling tightly to metal frames while being less prone to settlement over time. This maximizes acoustic performance

Here are some examples of specialty insulation materials that are well-suited for soundproofing metal barndominium buildings:

1. Acoustic Spray Foam: Polyurethane spray foam that expands and seals cracks and crevices. It has noise-reduction additives to dampen vibration transmission through walls and ceilings. Offers superior air tightness.

2. Vinyl Sound Barrier: Dense, mass-loaded vinyl mats that block exterior noise penetration. Added between drywall and studs or roof rafters. Excellent at reducing outside traffic, aircraft, train, and wind noise entering living spaces.


3. Soundproof Drywall: Multilayer drywall configurations like QuietRock or SilentFX use viscoelastic polymers between gypsum boards to dampen noise more than basic drywall. Reduces the need for additional acoustic insulation.

4. Green Glue Noiseproofing: A viscoelastic compound applied between two layers of drywall that turns mechanical energy from noise into heat energy and dissipates it. Significantly improves STC ratings.

5. Acoustical Surfacing: Interior wall panels with noise-diffusing geometric shapes that scatter and absorb sound waves rather than reflect them to prevent echo build-up. Made of sound-absorbing materials.

6. Noise Barrier Insulation: Specialty mineral wool insulation like Rockwool Safe’n’Sound that is denser than traditional options. Resists settlement over time and conforms tightly to building cavities, gaps, and around penetrations.

man installing insulation
Man installing thermal insulation layer under the wall using mineral wool with fiberglass cold

These advanced sound insulation solutions minimize the transmission of outside noise while taming echoes and mechanical noise sources indoors. Well worth the investment for quiet interiors!

Getting the location planning, sealing, layering method, and materials right is key to balancing noise control and insulation in Steel frame barndominium kit homes. With some prudent planning, they can be made remarkably peaceful and comfortable.

Experiment with Interior Materials
Creative material finishes and soft furnishings make massive differences by absorbing vibrations. Wood or mosaic tile flooring, textured paint, and wall tapestries are ideal for sound damping. Even spacing, quantity, and size of windows impact how noise resonates. Well-placed acoustic panels, varying ceiling heights, and nooks also aid sound dispersion. Ultimately, a multi-faceted acoustic approach combining material technology and engineered  Barndominium floor plans considerations prevents noisy echoes or outside disruption.


Embrace the Orchestra of Rain and Nature… It’s therapeutic!
Where noise needs mitigating, solutions exist as highlighted above. But for many, the unique resonance from raindrops pattering on metal roofs or the distant lowing of cattle brings relaxation no suburban home can emulate. Barndominiums harmonize with pastoral charm and nature’s candor in refreshing ways. Rather than eliminating such acoustic characters altogether, they can be tempered and complemented by intentional interior design choices.

The soothing patter of rain on the roof can have a deeply calming and therapeutic effect for several reasons:

1. Connection with nature: The sound of falling rain, especially when heard distinctly on metal or tin roofs, fosters a primal connection with the natural world. It taps into our innate need for bonding with the rhythms of nature.

2. Promotes mindfulness: Listening attentively to the meditative drone of rain filling up spaces induces calm and effectively distracts the mind from stressful thoughts. It grounds one in the present.

3. Masks unwanted noise: The enveloping aura of rain muffles and obscures unpleasant urban sounds like traffic, construction, alarms, etc. This acoustic cocoon filters out auditory irritants.

4. Triggers happy memories: Hearkening back to the joys of listening to rain during cozy times as a child or memories of being safely sheltered indoors during storms past makes many feel nostalgic joy.

5. Instills comfort: The assurance provided by sturdy shelter during inclement weather along with the sensation of being dry and protected while nature unleashes its bounty triggers deep-seated comfort.

In many ways, listening to the reliable pitter-patter of water droplets along metal roofing instills a certain tranquility by satisfying core human yearnings for security, belonging, and mindfulness. A free therapy session from nature, tailormade for the soul!

So while requiring more forethought than conventional builds, barndominiums can indeed make peacefully quiet homes. Homeowners gain résilient spaces where life unfolds to nature’s melodies. With some prudent planning, barndominium-inspired living spaces will continue to radiate with warmth and country charm! Contact Today for a free consultation on your very own Barndominium Floor Plans and Steel frame kit to match. 

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Aaron Scott
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