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How Steel Frame Barndominiums Breeze Through Earthquakes

How Barndominiums Are Able To Shake Off Earthquakes

Selecting durable structural materials proves vital for homes facing geographic earthquake risks. Fortunately, the inherent physical attributes of quality steel barndominium framing handles seismic events intrinsically better than typical building methods. Explore why steel barn structures withstand substantial shaking and shearing forces during major ground rumbles.

Flexible Framing

Rigid building materials like brick, concrete and stone crack under the intense vibrations and uneven foundation shifts generated by seismic waves. Steel I-beam skeletons instead flex slightly without snapping thanks to the elasticity inherent in properly welded metal engineering. This ‘wiggle room’ allows barn frames to absorb earth undulations through momentary mechanical deformations yet return to normal integrity after the quake passes.

Lightweight Construction

The relatively minimal mass and density of barndos’ steel structural components also prevent collapse risks. Whereas the substantial accumulated weight of traditional wood-frame second story additions or masonry walls compounds shifting momentum destroying structural integrity. The minimal roofing, siding and finishing materials minimizing barndominium mass keep center of gravity low through tremors.

metal building

Total Structural Integration

Monolithic assembly of barndos using interconnected posts, roof trusses and siding tied into foundations via brackets and anchors means the building moves as cohesive unit. This resists the disjointed stress extremes tearing apart divided construction where additions or upgrades get stacked onto original builds unevenly over time. Integrated construction ensures no single point likely to fail Sequentially and bring down collapsing dominoes.

Shear Wall Reinforcement

Proper steel barndo construction utilizes interspersed shear walls – reinforcedvertical wall segments containing door and window framing – to further strengthen lateral rigidity. Shear walls prevent barn sides bowing outward thanks to diagonal cross-bracing boards and anchoring bolts inducing extra tension resistance against seismic wave pressures.

crew assembling a metal building

With flexible frames, low density, and integrated shearing reinforcements all Working synergistically, steel barns easily shake, rattle and roll with whatever tectonic punches come their way. The materials science behind quality barndominiums ensures homeowners stay safely protected behind resilient structures.

Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
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