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How to Customize your Barndominium With Sliding Barn Doors

DIY Sliding Barn Doors To Customize Your Barndominium

Rustic sliding barndominium door entryways rank among the most iconic elements defining metal barn structures. Bringing similar old-world charm into barndominium homes proves simpler than imagined through creative DIY builds. Follow this primer for conceptualizing and constructing custom sliding barn doors matching your interior visions.

Plan Appropriate Sizing

Consider door location rough opening dimensions early. Measure and write down width and crown molding encroachments accurately to determine ideal sliding door height and ranges of travel. Remember barn doors mounted exterior of frames require additional surface area for sliding hardware clearance without scraping walls or conflicting with base trim. These factors dictate lumber sizing.

Select Durable Door Building Materials

Construction-grade 1x pine or cedar planks work well for straightforward stained door designs starting at $50 total. Plywood boxes with inset window panes offer a dramatic visual statement from $100-150. More elaborate tongue and groove layered wood slabs or reclaimed barnwood cost upwards from $300 but bring serious style.


Choose Compatible Hardware

Barn door hardware comes in various configurations to suit weight capacities and mounting locations. Choose exterior versus interior rated tracks. Opt for double steel rollers over singles and wide channels covering agreed lumber widths with adjustable height assemblies. Budget $60 at minimum for quality hardware but expect to spend up to $150 for robust builds.

Measure Twice Before Cutting

Use careful measurements and level lines to mark then cut wood pieces to uniform lengths along straight edges. Allow for hardware guide clearance as you go. Pre-drill reinforcement points along planks like handle holes or end caps prior to assembly. Clamp adjoined boards securely and ensure adequate drying time for wood glues or silicone seals to set fully between steps.

Apply Protective Finishing Coats

Sand assembled door panels with medium then fine grit sandpaper once glued joints cure. Wipe away residual dust before choosing clear polyurethanes or tinted stains matching your barndo’s interior design palette. Allow ample dry time between finish coating layers as directed by product guidelines. Add handles if desired.

Install Roller System Last

With custom door fully cured and prepared, mount external rails oriented precisely to your opening span and heights. Anchor firmly into solid blocking. Insert rollers ensuring smooth travel without binding across full channel lengths prior to hanging door finally. These Roller systems can easily be found on Amazon or possibly Lowes and other Big-Box home improvement retailers

modern barndominium farmhouse

Now slide open your handmade rustic sliding barn door proudly showcasing craftsmanship equaling any designer piece but at a fraction of the cost. Let your custom entryway become a barndominium conversation piece for years to come!

Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
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