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Kitchen Countertop Options For Your Dream Barndominium!

Kitchen Countertop Options To Complete Your Barndo Kitchen

Transforming empty barndominium spaces into contemporary rustic kitchens demands sizable investments into appliances, cabinetry, and utilities alone. With limited remaining allowance left for countertop surfacing, discover affordable material options ideal for completing farmhouse workspace visions without demolishing budgets.

Most budget-friendly at $20-50 per linear foot installed, laminate countertops like Formica fuse decorative papers with resin layers over plywood or particle cores. While durability and heat resistance improve over time, chipping along edges or burns remain concerns needing seam concealers during repairs. Enjoy classics like square white tile patterns or bold solid colors.

From $40-$100+ per square foot, ceramic or porcelain tiles make artistic countertop statements alone or surrounding prefabricated surfaces. Grout requires vigilant sealing but tiles withstand heat and scratches reasonably well. Play with countless style and texture combinations across glossy, matte and even metal or glass specialty tiles available locally.

At $50 on up per square foot, poured and stamped concrete offers barndos industrial flair. Risks like cracking and porousness necessitate protective sealants but concrete resists heat and stains well over time. Integrate drain boards or special concrete sinks for additional workshop utility. Stained designs or aggregate mixes like quartz or glass flecks enhance unique visual pop too.


Landing around $70-120 installed per square foot, engineered quartz slabs fuse crushed stone with color tints and binding resins. Quinn, Silestone and Cambria brands rival granite durability sans natural stone porosity with hundreds of patterned options. Budget 2CM thickness for smaller spaces; splurge on 3CM density for expansive layouts.

I chose to go With Quartz kitchen countertops in my personal Barndominium, I found that I was able to save a tremendous amount of money by Simply visiting a couple different local Stone slab yards where they have sample after sample of stone slabs that can be cut in the shape and dimensions needed for any kitchen layout, they typically do all the measuring and cutting on site and even bring the slabs out and install them professionally in your Barndominium whenever your ready for them.

I would recommend taking it upon yourself to at the very least go visit a local stone slab retailer and just walk around and put ur hands on some prodct, be prepared with a set of your Floor Plans because I don’t think you’ll regret it. I was able to get a much nicer kitchen in the end than I ever dreamed possible just because I searched out the countertop slabs, and other high end kitchen components for myself. Opposed to going the easy route of simply telling a consultant what you want and accepting a build-out quote from a big box store’s kitchen consultant, that won’t build you a kitchen that you can really get excited about. Sometimes it’s best to do things yourself 

For the more extravagant builders there’s even pricier options to be had, like these down below

Here are some more premium and expensive countertop options to consider for upscale barndominium kitchens:

Granite – The natural stone standard for durability and elegance. Prices range $80-$150 per square foot installed. Endless unique stone patterns and finishes.

Marble – Gorgeous soft veining patterns at $100-$250 per square foot installed. Requires diligent sealing but timeless healed elegance.


Quartzite – At $100-$200 per square foot, quartzite offers salt-and-pepper granular stone beauty resistant to scratching and heat. Stain risk necessitates sealant.

Soapstone – Luxurious feel with prices around $80-$200 per square foot installed. Frequent sealing needed but darkens beautifully over time.

Stainless Steel – Commercial grade stainless steel delivers seamless sterility and heatproofing for $100-$250 per installed square foot. Some staining and noise risks exist.

Copper – From $200 per square foot up, naturally anti-microbial copper develops a dramatic living patina over uses. High-end choice.

Concrete Overlays – Metallic or color-tinted concrete overlays $8-$15 per square foot create lavish looks rivaling stone for fractions.

Ultimately barndo kitchen budgets support whatever inspires you! whatever workspace vision you can dream up can be a reality with a little hard work and smart options.

Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
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