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Can You Live In Your Barndominium As It’s Being Built?

Is Residing in Your Barndominium During Build-Out a Realistic Proposition?

The prospect of customizing a rural Barndominium homestead centered around a Brand New steel barndominium structure with attached or detached garage holds an understandable appeal for many families seeking a sanctuary from suburban commotion. Yet budget-conscious owners wonder practically about occupying partially finished barndominium builds incrementally while tackling owner-builder sweat equity in stages. Carefully weigh temporary residence feasibility against site livability realities and local permitting hurdles beforehand.

Evaluating True Livability
If contemplating moving into steel barn frames before completing insulation, utilities, kitchens, or baths, understand the major compromises in comfort and convenience required. While watertight shells with electrical basics may seemingly support camping-style accommodations short term, aspects like unreliable temperature/moisture regulation, concrete dust, power tool noise and material hazards/obstacles complicate daily rest Needs and strain productivity substantially for builds dragging months. Living conditions impeding project momentum hardly justify small upfront rent savings.

Permitting Considerations
Local municipalities also often prohibit “occupying” construction zones without having an inspection or failing inspection approvals across essential systems like smoke detectors, escape paths, sanitation access, or the absence of exposed wiring. Creative builders somehow circumventing these items risk fines or even evacuation orders should discrepancies arise painfully disrupting barndominium kit builds. Schedule proper phasing timelines instead of accounting for full inspection clears before anticipating moving in, even if requiring short-term alternative housing.

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In summary, be realistic about productivity losses and inspection delays incurred attempting habitation amidst active construction sites. Secure proper temporary nearby quarters and wait until achieving a Certificate of Occupancy from local building departments before moving into barndominium builds. This prevents unnecessary health risks or stalled momentum better-sustaining project progress from start through full enjoyment finish.

Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott
Aaron Scott is a freelance writer and researcher that has written hundreds of articles for online companies in the area of construction, design, finance and automotive. He's a Southern boy that enjoys creek fishing, hunting and camping. He's rarely seen without his trusted beagle hound "Scooter"
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