New York Barndominium Kits

New York

Barndominium Kits

We deliver barndominium kits in New York.
Steel, post frame or conventional lumber.

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We sell barndominium kits in Post Frame, Metal Building and Conventional Stick frame and deliver to New York. Looking for a barndominium builder in New York? We may be able to help you find a builder. Want to use your own builder? That’s not a problem.

BuildMax materials are supplied by, the leading barndominium kit supplier. With fast delivery times and high quality materials, families across the country are seeing the benefits of barndominium kits through BuildMax. Imagine receiving a building material package in as little as 4-6 weeks. While it seems impossible, we can make it happen. BuildMax has multiple relationships with lumber and steel manufacturers and we have sourced the best building materials for your new homebuilding project.

Need advice on building a barndominium in New York, but other companies won’t answer your calls? We will, and if we are busy we will call you back the same day. Give Devon or Rashannia a call or send them an email and they will be happy to give you all the details on our kits. 

What's included in our Barndominium Kits

What does a Barndominium
cost to build in New York

This question is one that we are unable to answer due to all the factors that go into pricing out a home. BuildMax can help you get started but a General Contractor will need to give you a turn key price. If you’re self-building, ask us for our FREE BUDGET WORKSHEET that will help you keep track of contractors, expenses, and more.

Our packages start at $18.00* a sq ft to $34.00* depending on the design, wind/snow load and distance from the factory. Most of our building kits come with windows and doors. You can also purchase a steel shell and buy your windows and doors locally.

Need more advice? Connect with a consultant for a Free Consultation. You can learn about building a barndominium here on

 *total under roof square footage including porches and garages.