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Living Without Limits: Open Concept Barndominium Plans Uncovered

Open concept floor plans have become the top choice for floor plan layouts. People like the deviation from what was considered the norm for years before. While many plans still follow the standard closed floor plans, barndominiums embrace the open concept. 

Benefits of Open Concept Barndominium Plans

Open floor plans are sweeping the nation and for good reason. While they’re a dream for the individual who loves to entertain guests, they’re also great for families or even just individuals on their own. The open space allows for cohesion between all the rooms and gives an illusion of a larger space than what might actually be there.

Not only is the openness of these plans great for entertaining, it’s also great in terms of airflow and enhancing natural lighting. With no walls to impede the light let in by each window, you’ll be able to make use of natural light more often and more than you’d be able to in closed floor plans. 

barndominium floor plan first floor layout details
BM3151-G-B First Floor

With an open concept, you’re able to use the spaces for more than just one purpose. For example, you can use the great room as a den, a living room, or even an office if you so choose. Without walls confining each space, you’re able to easily switch between functions without upsetting the flow of things.

Another benefit of open concept barndominium plans is the reduced cost of construction. With more open spaces, you’re looking at fewer walls that’ll need to be erected. This speeds up construction time, meaning you’ll be paying less for labor. 

barndominium floor plan second floor layout details
BM3151-G-B Second Floor

Strategic Use of Space

With open concept floor plans, you need to be strategic about how you use each space. While the function of each space isn’t an issue, optimizing the flow and use of space is important. While you want the space to feel cohesive, you may also want there to be some structure to your space. For example, you may want a designated dining room area but don’t want a harsh separation. Finding a strategic way to delineate this space is vital. 

A good way to make a space feel cohesive and lean into the open concept is to ensure your paint and flooring is the same throughout. If you want to change things up for another space, consider doing an accent wall as opposed to a different paint color. You could also incorporate rugs in place of a different floor material.

great room with fireplace and loft overhead

Delineating space is another important thing to consider. If you want to make it known that a certain space is being used as the living room, position the furniture in such a way that makes it seem somewhat closed off while still maintaining the cohesion. Rugs and different lighting sources can also be a great way to separate the spaces, such as the use of floor lamps in the living room. 

Privacy in Open Concept Barndominium Plans

One of the potential drawbacks for people in regards to open concept plans is the lack of privacy. If you’re wanting to use a certain space as an office but there are no walls to close that space off, it can cause issues. There are a few ways you can remedy this without choosing to go without an open floor plan.

One way to remedy this is to utilize loft spaces. While these spaces may still be open, they are often removed from the other areas of the house. This allows the privacy needed for an office or other purposes that require space away from others. Lofts are also versatile and can be used for multiple spaces, so if you don’t want or need it to be a dedicated office, you can easily use it for more than just that.

Another way to offer privacy in open concept floor plans is through the use of screens. While screens are not a replacement for walls, they are a good way to separate spaces while including personality in the process. These mostly provide privacy visually, leaving your conversations open to the rest of the area. 

loft with seating area

If those options aren’t agreeable to you, you can always modify your barndominium plans to include more secluded spaces while still maintaining an open concept. This can be through the use of pre-existing bedrooms, or you can add specific spaces that aren’t necessarily bedrooms but are still separate from the main space without being too far removed. 

Final Thoughts

Open concept barndominium plans are on the rise and show no signs of slowing down. With all the benefits open floor plans offer, it’s easy to see why they’re preferred. Whether you love to entertain or just want a break from boundaries, there’s a barndominium plan sure to make you feel right at home.

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Brianna Euler
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